Tuesday, 17 October 2017


There are individuals  who focuses on the weakness of others. The individual could be a friend, colleague, neighbor, etc. What they usually do is to explore the general hopelessness of someone's life.

These set of individuals will never call to find out how you are coping with life and they rarely listens to what's going on around or happening to you before shifting the focus back to themselves. What we often forget is that some people come close because they have ulterior motives to pump up ego offering advice and to mock you in your situation.

I believe everyone has weakness and strength. When you have someone around you that repeatedly drains every good thing you do, how do you act in a way that don't reinforce their negativity and maybe even helps them?

Here are some vital points:

1. Don't take insults personally.
In the quest of trying to get things right, I realized that some people would act like they care about you but deep down, they think negative things towards you. Negative people are those who usually do not see anything good inside of you. Even when you let them into your dreams and aspirations, they would still not see anything good in them.
The best way to handle them and not let their negative thoughts gets into you is that you should never take things personally when dealing with them. Always weigh their words to a willingness to learn. Some of the most useful lessons learns in life comes from negative people around you.

2. Laugh, but be smart to note reality.
Oftentimes, we think that people say things out of joke not knowing that is how they perceive you or what they wish you. Laughing out when you know that someone is mocking you is not a bad idea. It is a way of making an unpleasant situation memorable. Believe me, that is the best way to get a negative person thinking. When you make a negative person realize their negative words don't get to you, you might start building a sense of positive thinking in him. Most especially when you don't fall out of purpose.

3. Maintain a right attitude.
We always wish people could be more positive. I have experienced many humiliating moments. Humiliation, and the related emotion of shame, arises when we feel oppressed, insulted, or not been able to meet an expected standard. However, some people always want to get at you because they've started seeing you as a competitor.
The best you can do is to accept them as they are, but stay on your lane. Be focus and let them learn from your every action. You can't always change people's opinion about you by talking but you can make them believe in you by actions. Like they say, "action speaks louder than words."

4. Question yourself and be focus.
Experiences have affirmed to me that no matter how foolish a laugh is, there is a word behind it. When you get something negative from someone, it is very important to ask yourself the following questions:
*Why would a friend or someone else say a thing like this to me or about me?
*How those words really meant to qualify me?
*Am I really what they say I am?
*Is this comment said out of love or jealousy?
Evaluating things helps you draw lines. When you keep allowing people say negative things about you, it might get into you. If you are not mindful, it starts reflecting in your body language. So evaluating helps you know what to let stay with you and what to filter.

5. Separate from negative people.
We have different ways of handling situations in life. Life events can be very dramatic. However, not all events are dramatic onto itself. If you live a practical life and really know the principle of success, you would agree that certain people are not meant to be close companies.
If you are the type that really don't know how to accommodate and handle challenges, you should by all means avoid negative people without becoming an enemy. Avoiding negative people is not about not seeing them as friends or not talking to them. It is about keeping your valuables away from them. If he or she is someone you tell your secrets, stop it! Don't discuss your plans with them anymore and don't let them know how you intend getting things done. Negative people work against you when they feel jealous about your dreams and aspirations.

I have learned the best way to becoming the person God has designed you to be is to learn to keep secrets. No matter how close you think you are to a friend, don't  let out what you know or your plans rather let them see the things in actions. Tapping fully into your purpose, and protecting your positive dreams, you must work on yourself by journeying into the reality of life and becoming self-aware. You may even help negative people by fostering a sense of focus, determination, resilient and love within yourself that their negativity can't pierce.

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