Monday, 7 November 2016

“I Don’t Know Where My Daughter Is” – Family Declares Chidinma Okeke Missing

Saturday Sun got hold of Chidinma Okeke’s father, Sir Jeremiah Okeke, who is living in Aba, Abia State with his family.. The 65-year-old father of the 19 year old beauty queen told the reporter on the phone that the family had handed over the situation to God.

He said, “Chidinma is my own daughter” “but there is nothing much I can say about this because there is a lifestyle adopted by my family. We don’t foment troubles.
“I, as the father, have committed everything to God in prayers. Human being cannot fight our cause but only God in heaven. We are in serious prayers for God to intervene. I don’t have anybody on earth except God.”.

Asked if his daughter has before the incident complained to him that she was being sexually harrassed, he said he was confused about the whole matter, even as he raised the alarm over the whereabouts of his daughter.

“I am confused about the whole thing as of now. It is only when I set my eyes on my daughter that I will know about all these. As it stands now, I don’t know where my daughter is.”

He said he was not suspecting anybody of having a hand in his daughter’s ordeal as speculated in the social media. Going back memory lane, Okeke recalled that God’s mighty hand on him was evidenced on his miraculous survival from his childhood tragedies.

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