Monday, 14 November 2016

US President-elect Donald Trump will be fair to all, says Ezendigbo, Mekong, Asia

The Eze Ndigbo `Mekong River Asia, Eze Uzochukwu Jerome Ezeneche (Eze Nwatagwuoshimiri) has said that US president-elect, Donald Trump policies would favour their interest, adding that Trump would be fair to all.

The royal father said Trump has the qualities and acumen to move United States forward.

While calling on protesters to stop wanton destruction of properties and embrace the in-coming government, Ezeneche said emergence of Trump despite all odds signifies that God is behind his success.

Analyzing Prof Wole Soyinka’s pre-election threat to tear his Green Card if Trump win the election, he condemn such talk depicting it as unfortunate. Equally, he said Prophet TB Joshuas’s prophecy about Clinton’s victory as prophecy gone cockeyed and calls on them to apologise to the president-elect over such negative comments.

Ezeneche assure Nigerians who resides in the United States that as long as they have their genuine papers they had no cause to fear. He urges them to regularize their documents so as to live a fulfilled life in the US.

On the emergence of Trump as the next president of America, Ezenche said the world would be safer under his administration. “Such a man with great character will act when the need arises to return America back to its past glory.

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