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Walk Your Dream: Be In Charge Of Your Dream.

Achievers are people who FAITH things and who believe that nothing is impossible with GOD. Achievers are great DREAMERS  and deep MEDITATORS. If you already know your purpose in life, the next is to keep faithing it and identify directions without allowing negative things into YOU until it becomes a reality.

Believe in God who has revealed the vision and hold on to Him strongly because truly is only Him that can make your DREAMS become a REALITY. God will ensure the outcome that's best for YOU even when things look dim and you are stuck deep in confusion.

I had denied myself somethings in the past even when I knew that this is what it is. When my DREAMS became shattered and it looks like I don't know my direction anymore, I learnt that I didn't desire my DREAMS. I wanted something else different from what I am supposed to do and was so interested in want I desired for myself. Not until I decided to ASPIRE to live my DREAMS, that I realized that I really did harmed myself.

Believe me, it took a lot for me to fix things the way it should. Experiences have affirmed that, it's one thing to know your DREAM and it's another thing to ASPIRE your DREAM and then walk your DREAM. Walking your DREAM will help you to be completely in charge of YOURSELF and it will give you proper insight of the necessary things that YOU need to know about YOURSELF. Work on YOUR DREAM daily. Allow what you visualize to be at the fore-front of YOUR life, the "core of YOUR being." It will motivate, gives direction, strengthens, keep you focus and give you a SENSE of PURPOSE.

Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE to the person, whose DREAM becomes a PURPOSE and when that DREAM is allowed to take control over your life, dance with it and ensure it will affects the world positively.

The first thing you must do to walk your DREAM is to recognize your P.E.R.S.O.N.A.L.I.T.Y.: your perception, experiences, results, spiritual gifts, observations, nationality, abilities, love, interests, talents, and YOU. These are the qualities that makes YOU unique and special.

If you are not GIFTED in something and you are doing it, you will end up struggling with life. God has given you gift for a purpose and whatever God has given to YOU is not for you alone but for the BENEFIT of others. Impacting into lives should always be your first priority in LIFE. You are not responsible to direct your PATH, God is. But it is your responsibility to discover YOURSELF and ensure you walk towards achieving that DREAM.

Your DREAM is your DESTINY and it is an inevitable part of your life. Marlon Wayans said, "Success is not a destination, but the road that you're on. Being successful means that you're working hard and walking your walk every day. You can only live your dream by working hard towards it. That's living your dream." I would explain fully what the P.E.R.S.O.N.A.L.I.T.Y formula stance for.  Here is the breakdown of the formula.

1. Perception.
Are you feeling anxious about a certain situation? I understand because I have had my own share too. I have realized that ONE thing makes a lot of people feel terrible in their challenges and that thing is IGNORANCE towards things. Ignorance is something I describe as a voluntary confusion. When you are aware of something and you decided to act like you don't know, it means you have accepted to live an ignorant life. But ONE thing can help you achieve a more positive outcome. That thing is your PERCEPTION.

Many of us are victims of external factors. When we are facing challenges it may feel as though we are handicap and we don't have the POWER to do something. The truth is, we do have control in these situations and that comes from how we choose to PERCEIVE what is happening to us. For instance, think of it as though you are a professional dancer like I had always wanted to BE. On the dancing floor you have total control of your steps and you do it so well. But when people walk up to you, they say to you "YOU dance so well but you would do better as a lawyer."

Now where is the relationship between dancing and law? How is what you are constantly hearing affecting you? Even when YOU are not on the dancing floor people still look at you and say the same thing to you. After hearing these things, when YOU are alone what do you notice about YOURSELF? Our perception governs the meaning we take from a situation and it is meaning that usually creates our REACTIONS to life.

There is a very strong POWER in PERCEPTION. If I may ask, what are you perceiving about YOURSELF and the things happening around YOU? The perception we have about ourselves is most times fueled by PURPOSE. Do you see YOURSELF naturally getting things without struggling for it? Do you do things naturally and people appreciate it? Suddenly, you notice that those things you do don't just come and you have to struggle to get THEM.

This is where the POWER of PERCEPTION comes to place. When you take out time to perceive what is going on around YOU depending on how you feel or have been perceiving things, if something goes wrong you will be able to figure it out to know if the picture painted in front of YOU is positive or negative of what YOU see. Perception is important and is good for you to always perceive the happenings around you because it will help YOU boycott challenges  and when you find YOURSELF in a situation YOU can easily figure out things.

2. Experience.
EXPERIENCE is a term loaded with IMPORT and ESSENTIAL which INDITE an individual life. Sometimes WE find actual LIVING through an EVENT, the real life as counterpointed with our paragon knowledge, skills, tasks, and techniques that are best for us.

EXPERIENCE is part of the steps to achieving DREAMS. Many times we seek for DIVINE direction yet when we are confronted with LIFE shaking events, we always want to run away from it or look for a short cut out of the situation. EXPERIENCES are things that helps us to identify our uniqueness and molds us into fascinating beings. It is important you learn to embrace it.

Sometimes, it takes a while to FIGURE out solutions. However, life experiences was created to give us an opportunity to identify the PERSON God has created us to be. It is the most challenging period in life. But if you can exercise patient and learn the principles YOU need from it, a part of you will change and YOU will begin to see things from a different angle In regards to what your experience is.

Embrace experience but don't stay in it. Learn from it. You can't have a pleasant tomorrow if you always live in your yesterday. Keep moving, hard work, determination, focus, honesty, humility, patient, prayer, and faith are qualities that drives away sad events.

3. Results.
Not knowing how to deal with challenges, WE are constantly finding new ways to distract ourselves from this inner “pain.” We are prepared to engage ourselves in any activity, physical or mental, that can provide us a distraction from our discomfort. RESULTS are base on the things WE allow into US. It usually starts with the MIND set.  Although deep in our hearts we know the ideas we let in can either worsen our situation or make us.

Every time we are confronted with challenging conditions in LIFE, we experience a lot of fear and uncertainty and begin to believe that until our conditions have changed, we are not going to be able to regain that happiness WE once experienced. But what if those conditions never changed, does it mean we will not look for a way out? The results YOU get out of everything in life is part of YOU. If you allow negative OPINIONS to consume you it will affect YOU negatively.

SOLUTION is a result of the meanings we attach to our life situations and not a result of the situations themselves. At the PROCESS of getting a solution, RESULTS emerges. That thing which YOU might have not discovered about YOURSELF earlier begin to surface. New ideas, new plans, new orientation about things and how to tackle them will be made visible.

There are several MILLION among the several BILLION of people in the world that are abundantly rich, have all they need and yet are unhappy WITHIN. There are also several million among us who are abundantly rich, have all they need and who are happy within. Like I said in my last post, the difference between PEOPLE of different categories is IDENTIFICATION.

Every successful man has a bitter challenging story to share. But what made them who they are eventually are the results they scored for themselves. When you try something, what do YOU get from it? How often do YOU grade YOUR performance? It is important you take records of everything around you and things happening to YOU and then weigh them. Our lives is a result of the meanings we attach to those situations.

It is a fact that all of us do not have that same equal OPPORTUNITY to be equally rich or to live an equally comfortable LIFE as that is dependent on many factors outside of our control but every one of us most certainly shares an equal OPPORTUNITY to find happiness as this inner state of being is not determined by any of our EXTERNAL factors.

So, yes it is absolutely possible for everyone, irrespective of our gender, culture or creed to live a life free of unhappiness because fulfillment position you in a state of peace. In bringing total attention to ones experiences it become evident that experience is only a choice and that one can choose to gait out of it.

4. Spiritual Gifts.
When we talk about SPIRITUAL GIFTS here, we mean the natural talents, skills, and gifts that God gave YOU. These are what is called your potential. Taking responsibility for your DREAM starts with an accurate assessment of your POTENTIAL. Write down your greatest strengths and your most significant weaknesses. While most people can detail their strengths, they often struggle to identify key weaknesses. This exercise involves meaningful reflection and full concentration otherwise you might miss it.

Once you have a clench on your strengths and weaknesses, your next challenge is to figure out what you truly enjoy doing. What YOU do without struggling. How well does it match what you currently do? Many people don’t know what their strengths are and all they do is to leverage on other people's opinion. Once YOU recognized how much you had been careened by people's opinions, you feel bad and realized you needed to rethink your choices.

It’s very difficult to succeed if you don’t excel at the skills that are central to your chosen DREAM. Many people fail to identify the most important activities that lead to fulfillment in the things they do and around them. Your SPIRITUAL GIFTS are the avatar of your purpose here on earth.  In whatever you must do, identifying critical tasks helps YOU determine how to spend your time and develop your SKILLS.

5. Observation.
Observation is being able to see things for what they are, without any ballyhoo, emotions, or biases. Many times our problems seem to be  insurmountable, and hopeless until we decide to open up and have someone else take a look at our problems if not we may not find solutions.

OBSERVATION are largely things that are factual. It is not bias. It present things the way it is. What are the things you always observe about yourself. Like perception we talked about earlier, you might perceive and still have doubts, but observation is something YOU are accurate about.

For instance, may be you have been observing that you act so well whenever you are with friends and that is something that whenever you do it you find peace or may be you write and you have realized that you can do it even without being paid. That is paying attention to yourself. Is very important and it will help you to quickly identify what you are really good at.

6. Nationality.
Okay, here comes one very most important aspect of life. This is where you take a good look at your environment. YOUR environment and the people YOU relate with most times matters a lot. Are there negative people around you? Is your environment a place where people need what you have to offer? See yourself as a salesperson. A salesperson does not go out to everybody. A salesperson has is target audience, niche, and market.

Life is about identifying and knowing the right place to function. If where you are is not where you are meant to be, it will knock you off balance. The fact is that it will bring negative people to you and expose you to people who might not want you to grow in life. It is very important you surrender yourself with people who are positively oriented and have drive to succeed.

The best way to get this done is to always make a list of your friends and the people around you. Successful people strategically select the people that comes around them. Check out for those who are adding to your life positively. But those who will always at all times counter every opinions or ideas that you have, separate from them. They are people who actually believe that you are a no good and you have nothing to offer.

A person or friend that will not support your dream will kill it. This is also a part of observation. Don't ever start each day the same way you started yesterday. Every day has a product to offer. Like right now, if you know you are surrendered by so many people, make a list of them all and remove those who are not adding positively to you.

Life is not about satisfying everybody. It's about identifying your product, look out for the environment that needs it and the people that the product will benefit and then run with it. You can not reach out to everybody in life. So make good use of your own niche and be strategic about things in order not to create enmity between you and others.  As a salesperson you need to understand the principles of selling and making profit. In this case, YOU need to understand what is in YOU and how it can make IMPACT into others.

7. Ability.
The late Dr. Myle Munroe once said that "the graveyards are full of so many great men and women who never became great because they did not give their ability responsibility." Those are strong powerful words. It is something to really look into.

Hidden Abilities are relatively rare and usually require some type of special encounter. However, pay attention to yourself. Think about the things you do at age seven through ten. It will help you fix up things and start working on it. When you discover your ability, you have to work it out and ensure it becomes a reality.

8. Love.
I am not going to dwell much on this because we all know what passion is all about. What you have love for is same as your passion. Passion is a very strong thing. It might not necessarily be your potential but it can make you have the drive to succeed in life. If you follow what you love, it will be an additional value to YOU. So it is therefore important YOU find your PASSION.

9. Interests.
Also interests is still almost the same as love and passion. It's what you have enthusiasm for. That thing that you always what to do. Yes, you can be so much interested in something and yet fail. Accept your failures. Setbacks and failures will happen; they're a natural part of life. They will help you figure out what you are capable of, and what needs work as you move toward achieving your goal(s). Interests will always pull you through.

10. Time.
When trying to achieve something in life, it is important you have a TIMELINE. Put dates on everything YOU do.  Having a timeline helps you define what you want to get done step by step without you missing out in anything and YOU will achieve your goals within a realistic TIME frame.

Walking your DREAM in life could be very frustrating and stressful when YOU don't know how to go about it. What you should do is take out time, study YOURSELF. Understanding what you are visualizing before embarking into it, is TIME not wasted. TIME is to be calculated.

When YOU take out TIME to understand things in life it pays more than getting into something and at the end YOU realized that YOU aren't doing the right thing. If you are confused about the happenings around you, take a break, stay away from everything you have been doing and study all of the points above that we have been talking about including YOU. Yes, you have to study YOU first.

It includes understanding goals, activities, directions, tasks, skills, DREAMS, choices, associations, professionalism, labour, TIME management, and self control. These ingredients are things that can help you gait without distraction in life.

11. You.
YOU are responsible for the actions YOU take. Like I said earlier, it is one thing to discover your purpose, It's another to walk it out. The MOST important thing to note is that YOU don't have a PERSONALITY and a LIFE STYLE if you don't know who YOU are created to be. It is essential you discover the YOU inside of YOU. Find YOUR inspiration. It can be a role model, music, dancing, a motivational writer, anything and get inspired always. Perhaps you might have encountered terrible things and you feel it is all over. No that is not true. YOU can always start over again.

You Know.
There is always a silent voice whispering to us. Pay attention to it. Who knows, maybe you are not where you are supposed to be yet that is why you are encountering challenges. The fact is that Failure to achieve a goal does not mean you are a failure as a person. Put yourself together and move on.

After you have learned from your failed attempt, let the failure go. In fact, having failed once makes you more prepared to succeed the next time. Visualize your past successes. This can give you the mental boost you need to get past the stress of your failure.

Define the best version of you. Success don't just come, you must at all times be ready to break sweat. Sometimes people might say you are proud but you are not. YOU just have to get hold of the original YOU. When trying to get YOU, negative opinions and stress will come, but don't allow it to bored you. If there is no failure, there will be no discovery. I have to include this because it is very important YOU know that errors or mistakes are not PHYSICAL things, they are SPIRITUAL. Therefore, it is necessary you let GOD in the race of life. PRAYER has a lot of role to play in your life. Pray always and commit everything you do to GOD.

Accept changes as they happen. On the way to developing your full potential, things in your life will begin to change. If you become stuck in your mind, your personal development will stagnate.

Focus on the things that you can influence and then do them. Achieving your full potential is about being what YOU are created to accomplish in LIFE. It is YOUR DREAM, POTENTIAL, ABILITY and PURPOSE.

Written by:
Juliet Amos.
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