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Most people struggle with three basic issues in life. The first is identity: “Who am I?” The second is understanding: “What is happening?” And the third is choice: “Let me just follow any path.” Over the years, I’ve noticed that many people often struggle with clarifying these issues. But the answers are found in understanding God’s reasons for creating you and putting you on earth.

God’s predestined us in Him in order for us to be presented back to Him In Peace, Love, without Blame, and Holiness. To understand God's reasons for our existence on this planet, you must begin with God. You were born by His purpose and for His purpose. We want to know why we are on earth. We desire to know our unique purpose.

The search for the purpose of life has puzzled people for thousands of years. That’s because we typically begin at the wrong starting point – concentrating on what is trending or how you want people to see you. We ask selfish questions like: “This is what the world is doing, why can't I do it? People are making it anyhow, why can't I join them?”

How then do you discover your God given purpose? I will list out two points. Your first point is Perception. The happenings around you and Second is Dream. The vision that God is showing to you. The why of our existence starts with knowing what God's word says. "Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God"(John 3:3).

The word kingdom of God here is explaining to you the beautiful treasures that God has deposited inside of you. Now, except you connect yourself with God, you can not grab fully these divine treasures that is locked inside of you.

The Bible made us to understand that Jesus did so many wonderful things that even the people could not comprehend them. A man called Nicodemus came to asked Jesus how he did those wonderful miracles and showed unconditional love. He knew that no man can perform so excellently except God be with the person.

Jesus replying Nicodemus, made him realized that anyone that must trade on God's given purpose must first be fully connected to God. You must be under God's control. Which conforms to the predestined nature. Jesus also made him to understand that what belongs to the spirit is of the spirit and that which belongs to the flesh is of the flesh.

A proper understanding of this enable you to unlock the you that is locked inside, you need your peace of mind, a holy relationship and an excellent way of expressing love. When you learn to live at peace with people, and express love,  it will help you figure out things easily. This is where the power of Perception comes in.  Holiness comes in when you decide to obey and keep the commandments of God.

Separating yourself from sin is obeying God in totality. We understand that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.

What is it that we perceive? What is the relationship among things-in-themselves, our sensation of them, and our understanding? The Power Of Perception is extremely important to understand with regard to how and why you attract and come to experience the day to day life experiences in each area of life. It's important that is, if you have a "sincere desire" to begin consciously and consistently creating more desirable outcomes than you have.

Perception : act of perceiving, 1 a : a result of perceiving : OBSERVATION b : a mental image : CONCEPT 2 a obsolete : CONSCIOUSNESS 3 a : awareness of the elements of environment through physical sensation b : physical sensation interpreted in the light of experience 4 a : quick, acute, and intuitive cognition : APPRECIATION b : a capacity for comprehension. Merriam Webster Dictionary.

YOUR perception of something is an observation, interpretation, or a mental image that you hold with regard to some event, condition, or circumstance. In other words it is how you SEE things in the world around you that molds, shapes and determines your individual life style. The things that happens around you are actually speaking to you. You have to pay attention in order to understand what an event is explaining to you.

I have a friend who never liked modeling or anything that has to do with entertainment industry. She is driven by white collar jobs. That is what she loves. Her passion was to wake up very early in morning, go and resume in an office where she would get paid at the end of the month. But something kept happening to her and she never paid attention to it. She has friends that are into modeling and entertainment. Oftentimes, when they went for casting, they would take her along. On getting there, they would drop one of her friend and picked my friend. You know what, she would run away and tell them she wasn't interested.

The truth is, the white collar job never paid her. She was confronted with so many challenges in life. Not until we talked to her and made her realized that she has to look into modeling or acting, she didn't get satisfaction. Today, she is very happy and trading on her God's given purpose in the entertainment industry as an actor.

What really happened to my friend was that she lacked understanding about the things happening around her. She experienced a lot of failures before she decided to try what she had been noticing, and that was it. Perception helps you identify your purpose easily if you pay attention to what is happening around you. A lot of people today are missing it just because of negligence and lack of understanding.

Challenges comes in order for us to find the ability to identify. Perception helps you to identify, learn, and fix. Pay attention to anything and everything around you. Perception is generally based on awareness. Be aware of what you have inside that is the only way you can live a happy life.

Dreams are perfect way to hear from God. Dream is a vision of the night. Vision is the pathway to a realistic destination. God reveal things through dreams. The easiest way to grab your divine purpose is to hear directly from God. Dreams tell us about the past, present and future.

Many see things in the dream but find it very difficult to understand. So many prophets and kings in the Bible were shown great and life transforming revelations through this medium. God is still the same. He never change. God still speaks through the dream medium.

For instance, some people would see themselves in the dream acting a movie, some singing, for some arranging files. When they wake up, they still believe that what they saw is a product of the mind. No, dreams are not rude. There is no dream without an interpretation. So many people had missed it and many are still missing it because of the misconception of the words "Product of the mind."

The devil does not have any right to show anyone revelation. What he does is to paint pictures that confuses someone. Revelations only come from God. And when God shows you a dream more than once, it means that the revelation is established by God and nothing can stop it. "And for that the dream was doubled unto Pharaoh twice; it is because the thing is established by God, and God will shortly bring it to pass"(Genesis 41:32).

Do you see yourself acting in the dream? God is telling you that the movie industry is where you belong. Acting is your divine purpose. Some see themselves cooking in a party. Once you see yourself cooking in a party, God is telling you that Event Planning and Catering Services is your divine career. Do you see yourself arranging files? God is telling you that white collar job is your thing.

It is true, the eyes that look are many but the eyes that see are rare. Vision ignite the spirit of focus, determination and patience in you. If you are seeing a particular thing more than once, don't take it for granted. Vision is a sure way of accessing God's divine purpose for your life. A man with a vision can never be distracted.

You can develop your God given purpose by making Jesus your partner in life. The kingdom of God is actually in Christ Jesus. The worse  thing that can happen to anybody is to start a life journey, gets to the end of the road then realized that you've been journeying on the wrong pathway. If your purpose is not impacting into others and helping people find fulfillment you might probably be living a fake life.

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