Tuesday, 14 November 2017


My husband beat me up always. He would sleep with every lady that comes his way. You want that young handsome looking man at all cost. You can do whatever it takes to get him and you don't want to know what the consequences of your action will cause as long as you get him. There are some well know factors that put people in risk in life.

Wrong ideas selection, premarital sex, wrong choice of partners, faulty marital foundation, marital separation and divorce are things that have caused so many a lot of pains in life. I was struck by the recent way people, ladies most especially display with so much ego how they can live comfortable in Evil and use the words "I am Born Again" as an excuse to remove themselves from a show of shame.

After publicly telling the world how passionate they are with the things of God and making people see display of their HYPOCRISY in Church, they go back believing that no one is watching to do all kind of things. I have discovered that desperation for a particular thing in today's generation is one of the avenues to welcoming IMMORALITY and EVIL.

A lot of people fall victim to certain set of individuals who have been parading themselves as a Child of God and are using it as a means to lure men into their bed. Deceive their follow ladies to break matrimony bound. Encourage young girls to choice an immoral life style. Making many people believe that life is a bed of roses. People believe based on what they have heard that there is no point allowing God make a decision for you as everyone has the power to make a choice in life.

In our lifetimes, many of us will experience difficulty, and many will navigate the difficult terrain of life in a profound transition. It is very clear and obvious that devil is now climbing the PULPIT. Therefore, I see it as a concern to remind you that JEZEBEL that was mentioned in the Bible also called herself a PROPHETESS. However, it's good to identify areas as she was a Prophetess of EVIL.

Everyone that is PREACHING today, is on a MISSION. If you can understand basic things in life, it will help you navigate the evil plans of the devil successfully. The world is now polluted with wickedness and the enemies of the PEOPLE are out with a very strong MISSION, "to STEAL, KILL, and DESTROY."

Jezebel committed forgery and identify theft, she wrote letters in Ahab’s name and placed his seal on them. Today, we have the Jezebel ladies moving about looking for homes to STEAL their peace and joy. Some are out to get married and DESTROY their partner by all means. Some are out to KILL glorious DESTINIES.

The many PROBLEMS in life today can be navigated stress freely or managed without a fault if only we pay attention to things happening around. Some of these happenings are not physical. They are Spiritually constructed and at a particular time an agent brings it to the open.

So true, the agent of destruction can also be an opposite sex. We may not be queens of the realm, but we still wield power in our homes, our workplaces, our churches, and our social circles. If we worship the one true God, any strength he provides should be used for the good of others.

These women have a very good sides to showcase. They appear as angels of light but they are not. They have a finely tuned mind, but used it to devise evil schemes. When they get you with their HYPOCRISY attitude, is how to destroy you they will be after. They have boldness and courage, but used those attributes to cause pains in the lives of their victims.

They have strong leadership abilities, but used them to take over the throne.
They have an assertive personality, but used it to draw people away from God. Some of them preach the word of God to you, quote some general Scriptures and make you see reasons to be comfortable in SIN even in CHURCH.

They are very good at manipulating subjects and making people believe that the other person is the wicked one. They are everywhere today. They allow you SIN because while in sin, even when you PRAY they can easily get you. They know that God does not dwell in a Sinful place. So with sin in your life, it will help them gain full access into your life.

Today's Jezebels Preach In a sexy way to get SOULS to themselves but they are WORSHIPERS of the devil. They are on a MISSION. They wear all kinds of seductive things to church, office, everywhere they go. Every moral PERSON understands that there are cloths for different occasions. Even at that, there is a need to be MODEST in your appearance and protect your INTEGRITY in all things.

Some of these progressive women are lashing out against campaigns like Modest In Systematic NUDITY, calling it sexist. Though, some hide themselves in a MODEST apparel but by their FRUIT, you shall know them. Their way of life define them. Pay attention, it is very important in everything. A woman's Honour and Dignity is all the beautiful endowment she is made up of. Why have women decided to sell out FREELY in PUBLIC that which is meant to be PRIVATE?

Do not MISS up these things together. A Child of God is not a SINNER. A child of God is a woman that understand MODESTY in everything. She display Dignity in her way of life and in everything she exercises Integrity. She will never PREACH God and LURE anyone to destruction. A woman that FEARS God, does not wait for people to teach her morals because MORALS get planted inside of her NATURALLY.

When a WOMAN enjoys exposing all the hidden endowment, SHE is Preaching her own kind of Sermon. Beware, there are ways that seem right to a man but the end is destruction. JEZEBELS are everywhere today. They use different methods to Preach their sermons. They purposely open the door to the spirit of immorality. They are fully out to Kill, Steal, and Destroy. These women look ordinary but they are no ordinary women. They are agents of evil in human form. Therefore, there is a need for you to PRAY about everything.

You love that beautiful girl, PRAY about it. You love that handsome young man, PRAY about it. You are passing through difficult times and you don't know what to do, PRAY about it. You want to get a good job and you've dropped your curriculum vitae over and over yet no response, PRAY about it. Your MARRIAGE is experiencing hard times because your PARTNER is seeing a Jezebel outside, PRAY about it. You can fight battles with your kneels on the floor. PRAY! It works!

Today, the world has too many so called Preachers propagating different Sermons based on MISSION. This Jezebel spirits are also in men. It is very important that YOU pray about everything you do. Beware of what you accept and allow to stay with you as it will determine what your final destination will be. I must also let you know that some CHALLENGES are not physical. So PRAY always, and about everything. It works!

I hope you will learn from this and not allow life situation teach you. I would always say this, YES, experience is the best teacher but some times it is good to learn from other people's experiences because in that terrible situation YOU might not have the opportunity to TELL someone the STORY. Some die in that SITUATION. PRAYER can stop bad situations. The FEAR of the LORD is the beginning of WISDOM!

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