Friday, 24 November 2017


It is safe to say today that hundreds of millions of ladies seem to have forgotten their BRAS and PANTIES somewhere. Can I call this style a wireless way of Silent Sexually Communicated Stupidity? Because that is exactly what it seem like.

Sadly, immodest DRESS sense has become part of the fabric of life in countries across the globe. Painting a modest world, the world is being polluted by immodest dress sense by the day. Now, what went wrong? What is really happening in this generation? Are people gradually forgetting morals or the society seem not to care about what moral is all about anymore?

Truly, some GIRLS can be very annoying when you see them. My question usually is, 'What exactly are these naked girls or ladies selling? In spite of its prevalence, people should get to know that dressing is not just about looking good but it has a lot of conversation behind it. Like people would always say, "dress the way you want to be addressed."

DRESSING converse a lot about EVERYTHING. There is much more to our dressing than we might imagine. Our dressing says a great deal about who we are and influences all kinds of IMPRESSIONS. People make snap judgments about us from the clothes we wear. They draw conclusions about our PERSONALITY from the way we look.

Today, the complete negligence of IMMODEST dressing remains largely overlooked and even camouflaged by supposedly less offensive terms such as "looking sexy" or "dress to kill."

In the society today, immodesty is typically viewed as nothing other than freedom of expression. Please where on earth did these naked girls forgot their BRAS and PANTIES? If NUDITY is SEXINESS, it means that very soon the world is going to go nude all in the name of FASHION.

I am so tired of seeing GIRLS even MARRIED women who seem not to understand the word DIGNITY. Where is your MORALS, your VALUES, and your INTEGRITY? Goodness! Can you just pick up your BRAS and PANTIES where you drop them.

Fashion should not be an elaborated, complicated thing. When you dress, be cautious that it does not depict foolishness and loss of self dignity. Every dress speaks it intention. So what is your dress for each day communicating to people around you?

Every modest girl needs a good instinct for selecting dresses for herself and if you lack it, there are magazines and good fashion shows that can help out. Yes, is good to be FASHION but not in an awkward MANNER.

There are clothing for every occasion. However, it seem this generation has missed it completely when it comes to making the right clothing choices for an event. Occasion should dictate how we should dress but today, a lady will be so comfortable to dress out naked during the day all in the name of making a name for herself or been stylish. Should such dressing be called stylish or foolish?

Naked ladies, pick up your BRAS and PANTIES where you forgot them. There are thousands of issues to deal with in the society. Like recovering of looted fund in the Country and many more. Do you girls also want the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to start searching for your bras and panties? Believe it or not NUDITY is CORRUPTION.

Since we are bent on fighting out CORRUPTION, I think naked girls should also be arrested. Seriously, they are committing CORRUPTION of the BRAIN and MIND and so they should be charged for it. Maybe that will help them remember to put on bra and pant and be MODEST in their dressing whenever they are going out.

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