Wednesday, 29 November 2017


I have discovered my purpose. How would I relate with people in this area? What’s going to happen when they know that I am not grounded In what I said I discovered about myself?

FEAR syndrome affects a wide swath of the population, leaving people with great ideas feeling as if they are not deserving of their PURPOSE and in persistent fear of being exposed as a “NO GOOD."

THE concept, "As a MAN thinketh in his heart so is he," not only hugs the whole of a man’s BEING, but is so all-encompassing as to REACH out to every condition and circumstance of his life. A man is literally what he thinks, his character being the complete sum of all his thoughts.

FEAR has made a lot of people live another person's life. You know there is something in you, yet because of what people would think or would say, you will accept to live the fake life that is not you and settle for a lower quality.

Author John Steinbeck suffered from it, writing in his diary in 1938: “I am not a writer. I’ve been fooling myself and other people.” So has Oscar-winning actress Jodie Foster, telling an audience in 2007, “I always feel like something of an imposter. I don’t know what I’m doing.” According to researchers, more than 70 percent of the population shares these sorts of feelings about themselves.

There is no plant that can be without the seed, so everything a man does proceeds from the hidden seeds of thought. You can overcome the Fear. Franklin D Roosevelt was the America president who led them out of the Great Depression of the 1930s and through the greatest global conflict in history. He was able to achieve that because he conquered FEAR. By being proud of what you STAND for and believing in your SEED, you too can conquer your FEAR.

Our fear of STANDING up for what we believe and demonstrating it is so great that we FEAR it more than LIFE. Even if it will COST us our happiness in life. People prefer to settle for what they have rather than to fight for who they are. On one hand I understand, having sweated myself about getting it right, on the other hand, it seems odd that we’re so afraid of the unknown.

In as much as the known is visible to us, we allow the unknown to over-power us. What are we afraid of anyway? To DIE, REGRET, or FAIL? What do we think will happen to us?  We’re likely to be right or wrong, or aren't we?  The answer seems to lie in our remote past, in our Present, believe system, or our way and pattern of reasoning.

FEAR is a product of the thought of FAILURE, REJECTION or DEALTH. We are not merely afraid of being embarrassed, or judged.  We are afraid of being rejected. The fear of failure and rejection or DEALTH  is still so much today that a lot of people have mixed up talents and gifts for the place of a PURPOSE. So I ask, Is PASSION really PURPOSE?

The place of PURPOSE is the divine assignment. I hear people talk of discovering purpose and I wonder what people have really discovered. If PEOPLE really understand what PURPOSE is the world would have become a better place. But look around you, a lot of terrible things are happening. Why? Because of misplaced priorities.

DESTINY is a SPIRITUAL thing not physical. In order for you to access the Spiritual, YOU must be a SPIRIT BEING. Maybe you are hearing this for the first time, DESTINY can never manifest in SIN. Very strange right, but the fact.

In fact, gifts and talents make up your DESTINY, but there is a Purpose. What then is Purpose? That will come up very soon in my later post. To access purpose, you must kill the SPIRIT of FEAR.

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