Friday, 27 October 2017


Rule: Books don't contain vital informations. Breaker: A good book contain more real wealth than a good bank.

Rule: I can't get it right. Breaker: The mind is the most important tool and asset of man. Is what you put into it that will determine what u will be.

Rule: It is not possible. Breaker: If you want to go far in life there is no alternative than to feed the mind with positive things.

Rule: Let's not go by the book. Breaker: Material worth  reading should enlighten, polish, motivation and transform your thought positively.

Rule: Reading is not so important. Breaker: It is impossible to make right choices outside knowledge. Wrong information and gathering can cause cancer of the thought.

Rule: I want shortcut. Breaker: Never estimate the power of right minds on your pathway to destiny. You can not think like a giant in the companies of fools. Great men and women have learned to hide their ideas and wisdom in books. Every secret you are looking for in life is hidden in a book. Every book has a story.

The Vitamins you need when journeying to purpose.

A: action.
B: believe.
C: confidence.
D: determination.
E: enthusiasm.
F: faith.
G: prayer.

Rule: I am too big to start all over again. Breaker: Don't let your ego rob you off your reward. Change your mindset, change your life.

Rule: Is not possible. Breaker: Possibility thinking is what makes the difference.

Rule: I don't know what to do. Breaker: Winners dare to dream. Winners don't give up.  Winners are risk takers. They watch their words, guide their hearts, and get results. To be a winner, you must learn to Mind Your Business. Positive thinkers are strategic people. They mind their Business by focusing on their goals and aspiration.

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