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Him and His disciples including His mother were invited to the wedding of a poor tax collector in Cana. While they were at the wedding reception, the wine finished. The poor tax collector was so ashamed of himself but couldn't help the situation. He looked round but still didn't know what to do.

The tax collector was very close to His mother and when the mother came to ask him what the problem was, he told her the wine had finished and he had no more money to buy wine for his guest. The woman was moved with compassion, looked at the large crowd that graced the occasion of a poor tax collector.

Among them were gossips, mockers, demons, wicked personality, those who were jealous that the couple got married. The tax collector, looked at the woman and said please if you can cover my shame, do it. The woman could not hold back because of love. She understood what the tax collector was going through at that moment. As a very close friend, whatever shame that would fall on the tax collector would stain her too.

What would she do? She had no money with her. She was also very poor. Then she realized that of a truth, she has no money. She is poor. But God gave her a Son who is bigger than the world. A Son that has all powers. A Son that can wipe away shame and reproach not just from her but away from anyone who believes.

Without wasting time, she got the attention of all and the people followed her to her Son. When she got there, confidently she said to Him, "Son there is no more Wine." I can understand her point. Letting the Son knows that this tax collector is my friend, our friend, please don't let him be put to shame.

Her Son looked at her and said "woman what have I with you, my hour hasn't come." Her Son wasn't rude to her. Rather He said that in a cheerful manner because He meant Mother, you just want people to know who I am and what I can do when the set time for manifesting the Promise of my Father hasn't come.

He looked and said to Himself my mother is right. I can't disobey my mother and I can't allow my poor friend to be put to shame when I am here. There are mockers, gossips, haters, demons, and what have you on earth here. Then He commanded, get jars and fill them up with Water. Very simple instruction. But the most interesting part is that the people obeyed Him.

When they finished filling the jars, without saying a word, just right in front of everyone He turned the water into Wine. The crowd were all amazed and the gossips, mockers, haters, were confused because they were all disappointed. While the demons that came were cast out immediately.

When the coast was clear, free, the guests drank, had enough and were rejoicing. Everyone was happy and the news went round the city and beyond that the Tax collector's wedding was the most exclusive wedding they ever attended. (John 2:1-11).

What Jesus did when He turned Water into was that He introduced the Holy Spirit to the people. The people that attended the Cana wedding were the first to experience an overflow of the presence and manifestations of the Holy Spirit because they got drank an overdose of the Holy Spirit. This wedding ceremony is a very significant one because it illustrates the mission of the New Covenant.

Jesus turned Water into Wine. He did not turn alcoholic drink to Wine. Water is a representation of the Holy Spirit. When Jesus met the Samaritan woman by the well and said to her "But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life(John 4:14).

In reality, anyone who drinks an alcoholic wine and gets more than what he should take, will get drunk and end up misbehaving. Drunkenness according to the Scripture is a Sin. (1Corinthians 6:9-10). But following the Biblical Wine, if you get an over dose of the Holy Spirit you will begin to Merry. The Merry here stance for Manifestation. The Wine is a symbol of the introduction of the Holy Spirit to those that believes in Christ.

When Holy Spirit is in you, purpose begins to unlock. Reproach, shame, failure, fear, demons, unproductive, and what have you will move out of your life and out of the way. An overflow of the Holy Spirit brings an outburst of celebration and happiness. Jesus looked at His mum and said mother why do you want me to introduced the Holy Spirit now, when it wasn't yet time.

He was saying to Mary that the time for the Holy Spirit to be given to the people will be after He had ascended back to heaven. But Mary interceded for the poor tax collector and said Son, you said "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:"(Matthew 7:7). You didn't tell us when to ask and because you didn't give us a specific time to ask, it means we can ask anytime.

I love it when Jesus said "My hour hasn't come" and Mary looked at the people confidently and made them realized that He will do it. She said "Stay with Him. Whatever He ask you to do, do it." Friend, what is your situation? What is that things that is killing you slowly? I have come to tell you to stay with Jesus. Whatever He says you should do, do it.

If the people that Mary gave instruction, didn't believe, when Jesus said bring jars, fill them up with Water, it would have sounded ridiculous to them. But they believed. They accepted Christ immediately after Mary had preached to them.

Mary did evangelism in the wedding ceremony of the tax collector and told them the awesome power of God even when Jesus had not started performing miracles. Come drink of this Wine. The wine that brings forth merriment. The Wine that changes all things in the life of man.

Is there no more Wine in your situation or occasion? Let Jesus step into your occasion today. Let the power of God move into your life and every situation, will begin to form divine manifestation. You allow your situation belittle you, if you limit the power of the Biblical wine. The Wine is the Living Water. Jesus said if you drink of it, you shall taste no more.

The tax collector had the most exclusive wedding party because he believed the evangelist that preached to him. He believed Mary when she told him about what God can do. The people that came also believed Mary when they heard her preaching to the tax collector. When they heard her said to him that "Fear not, all is well. The King of kings is among us."

The people never doubted. They accepted Jesus. Then Mary prayed, father you said this signs will follow them that believe.(Mark 16:17-18). Immediately there was an overflow of the Holy Spirit upon them. They believed without even seeing signs like the people of today are after. They believed without even knowing who Jesus is. They've not heard of Him before. Neither have they seen Him perform miracles. Yet they believed and accepted Christ with all their heart.

No matter what you are passing through right now. Look up to Jesus and pour your tears on His feet. Don't let anything discourage you. Focus! Keep moving further and don't be carried away by any negative side attraction. Jesus loves you and He is ready to give you an overflow of the Holy Spirit.

The only way to get the Biblical Wine(Holy Spirit), you must first believe. Accept Jesus as your Lord and personal Saviour. You shall be save. The is the week that symbolizing the Passover of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is a week of an overflow of Wine. Don't let the flow pass you by. God loves you and He is interested in you. Peace!!!

I am Evangelist Juliet Amos. A Prisoner and Bondservant of God and our Lord Jesus Christ.

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