Monday, 30 October 2017




"Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark." Jay Danzie.

Your first impression is always a lasting impression. Did you know that another person's perception of you is based on how you look. Always dress for success. Every time you meet someone for the very first time, they evaluate. They evaluate what they see, the tone of your voice, what they hear, the fragrance you wear, and the way you address them. Within the few moments you spend together, they will have already formed an opinion about you.

First impressions count. If at any point a negative impression is formed, it will linger throughout the time they spend with you and be difficult to reverse. First impressions are critical to your success in life.

In life always be prepared to look and sound your best. You may not have a very nice tone when talking, but you can practice and walk on your talk. Your hair should always be neat and well cut or styled. Your shoes should always be polished. Your dress should define the occasion.

It is very important to take note of a person's name after introduction. When exchanging conversations,  use the person's name immediately. It shows that you are interested in them and build quick rapport.

Life is about creating yourself. The way your present yourself is how people will see you. You can learn to create an image. Make it. It is inside of your already. Good impressions matters a lot because it speaks personality.



When someone ask you, "What is in your hand?" What will you say? Think about how you use your hand through out the day. It is so clear that in our world today, as human, even if you don't have a lot of things in your hand, you have one thing.

Within your magnificent hands are many features to explore. The shape, finger, lines, and markings in the hand can be interpreted to define particular elements of your personality and psychology.

I asked a question in my last Monday post that "do we really need money to start trading on purpose? Depending on your desire and motivation, there are thousands of things you can do with what you have in your hand.

Apart from artistic skills, there are tools in our hands that are very useful. For instance, "Phone." A good phone has different kinds of features that we can explore. With all these discoveries, many are still confused in our generation. They would always say they don't know what to do because they don't have any talent.

The Scripture made it clear to us that "on the hand of every earthly man be puts a seal for every mortal man to know his work" (Job 37:7). If the government isn't going to employ you, employ yourself. If that multi-national Organization Isn't going to give you an opportunity, create an opening for yourself.

There is something in your hand. Moses the prophet was one of those who discovered his purpose but was confused on how to go about it. What did he do? He asked God what he can do and God replied him and asked him "What is in your hand"?(Exodus 4:2).

There was a staff in his hand but he had no idea of the importance of the staff until God made him realized how powerful the staff in his hand was. Staffs in those days were very significant. It explains who the carrier was and represented the owner's identity.

Without an explanation, in those days when a man is seen holding a staff everybody already knew he was a Shepherd. Because the staff explained his personality. Have you discovered your ability and you are confuse about the path to take or how to go about it. Friend, look at what you have in your hand.

Sometimes, you don't need money to be who God has designed you to be. In this generation, one thing has been made very useful, a "Phone." A good phone has so many wonderful things we can do with it. You can search for things, even how to go about somethings that you know you have inside.

Do you love to write, organize events, sell things etc, turn your cell phone into a moveable shop and explore the wonders of the internet. There is nothing you can't get online. Your gifts and talents, after you must have discovered them, you can go online and read about how to go about it. Know things about them and keep practicing.

My question is, "what do you have in your possession?" However, whatever you do let it conform to the plans and will of God for your life. When all of your attributes are blended together, you get a more complete picture of yourself. Your purpose is made up of your choice, style, habit, attitude, everything that is in you. What you have is what make up your personality.

As you pay attention to things in your life, you consciously or unconsciously, picture the ability inside of you and how best you can be at it. To get the best out come for your life, it is important you look within, check yourself, and know what you can do. But when confusion persist, ask God.

It is also very important to know that the ability to pray is one thing we have in our hands. If you are confuse and don't know how to go about your purpose in life. Like Moses, ask God what you can do and wait for a reply.

Friday, 27 October 2017


Rule: Books don't contain vital informations. Breaker: A good book contain more real wealth than a good bank.

Rule: I can't get it right. Breaker: The mind is the most important tool and asset of man. Is what you put into it that will determine what u will be.

Rule: It is not possible. Breaker: If you want to go far in life there is no alternative than to feed the mind with positive things.

Rule: Let's not go by the book. Breaker: Material worth  reading should enlighten, polish, motivation and transform your thought positively.

Rule: Reading is not so important. Breaker: It is impossible to make right choices outside knowledge. Wrong information and gathering can cause cancer of the thought.

Rule: I want shortcut. Breaker: Never estimate the power of right minds on your pathway to destiny. You can not think like a giant in the companies of fools. Great men and women have learned to hide their ideas and wisdom in books. Every secret you are looking for in life is hidden in a book. Every book has a story.

The Vitamins you need when journeying to purpose.

A: action.
B: believe.
C: confidence.
D: determination.
E: enthusiasm.
F: faith.
G: prayer.

Rule: I am too big to start all over again. Breaker: Don't let your ego rob you off your reward. Change your mindset, change your life.

Rule: Is not possible. Breaker: Possibility thinking is what makes the difference.

Rule: I don't know what to do. Breaker: Winners dare to dream. Winners don't give up.  Winners are risk takers. They watch their words, guide their hearts, and get results. To be a winner, you must learn to Mind Your Business. Positive thinkers are strategic people. They mind their Business by focusing on their goals and aspiration.

Tottenham Can Cope Without Harry Kane At Man Utd, Says Mauricio Pochettino

Mauricio Pochettino insists Tottenham can cope without Harry Kane as they prepare to take on Manchester United without the injured forward.

The England international will miss the trip to Old Trafford on Saturday, live on Sky Sports Main Event from 11.30am, having sustained a hamstring strain in last weekend's 4-1 victory over Liverpool.

Kane has been in sensational form this season, netting 17 goals for club and country, but Pochettino has backed his players to step up in the absence of the 24-year-old.

"I always believe we can win with one or another team, with one or another player," he said.

Pochettino added: "We don't need to prove ourselves, that we're Tottenham. Maybe people expect that but for us, no. I think last season, in the period he was injured, you can see the stats and the games we played - win and lose with Harry, win and lose without Harry.

Former Tottenham captain Ledley King believes Spurs can put down a title marker by winning at Man Utd
"I'm disappointed because he is our main striker and I think he is one of the best strikers in Europe, in the world, and always you are going to miss your best striker. I am not silly or stupid to talk in a different way.'

"You always want all the players available...we always believe in collective, the squad. During the season, problems happen and you must trust all the players, all the squad.

"We have played without Harry before. We have Fernando [Llorente] and if you remember last season when Harry was out for many games we played with [Heung-min] Son. It's about finding the best solution and balance for the team."

Ray Wilkins thinks Pochettino has made the right decision in not risking Kane against Man Utd
Pochettino also added that he was hopeful Kane could be fit in time to face Real Madrid in the Champions League at Wembley on Wednesday.

"It's a minor injury, very small, but we cannot take a risk for tomorrow," he said.

"We will see after for Wednesday and Real Madrid, but for tomorrow, it's impossible.

"Always you want all players available, but it is a problem. Play more or play less? Because it is most important that they are all available and fit."





“As you think so shall you be! Since you cannot physically experience another person, you can only experience them in your mind.
Conclusion: All of the other people in your life are simply thoughts in your mind. Not physical beings to you, but thoughts. Your relationships are all in how you think about the other people of your life. Your experience of all those people is only in your mind. Your feelings about your lovers come from your thoughts.
For example, they may in fact behave in ways that you find offensive. However, your relationship to them when they behave offensively is not determined by their behavior, it is determined only by how you choose to relate to that behavior. Their actions are theirs, you cannot own them, you cannot be them, you can only process them in your mind.”
— Wayne Dyer

Most of us don't realize how powerful relationships are and how huge an impact they have on our lives. I am sure you have heard someone say, "I love you." It may sound like mere words to us, but they are not.

Most definitely, I like to envisage that inside every individual, there is an emotional love tank. If the person feels loved by the partner, the individual expresses satisfaction. But if the love tank is empty and the person does not feel loved, he or she will accommodate internal struggles. It is extremely important that you learn how to love yourself effectively before starting an emotional relationship.

Relationships are wonderful when established in a proper way. A right relationship at the right time can actually be a life changing experience. Relationships are meant to encourage, edify, and give confidence to those involved.

In successful relationships there are no quick fixes or fast-track methods to satisfaction and happiness. Pay attention to your partner when he or she expresses emotions. Show interest by asking questions until you understand.

When communicating, talk opening about problems and listen to one another. Respect each other's opinion. Communication is vital in creating and maintaining a relationship. Your level of communication affect how you solve problems, unlock what you really want, and the level of trust you can give.

Lack of communication in a relationship create misunderstanding and non-essential discussions. A relationship that fails to communication will never have a happy ending. When you fail to communicate in your relationship from the beginning, you will never have the time to communicate again.

For a relationship to grow, you must learn to place the most essentials above the non-essentials . Knowing what you really want in a relationship is very significant. You must define your relationship because You can never tell who to fall in love with. So when you find someone, the first and most important thing to do is Pray.

Have you ever pondered on the importance of the saying, "Prevention is better than cure?" I would always say this, "Marriage Is Purpose." Because we can not control love and determine the blues it will play, Pray about it and watch. A wrong relationship that leads to marriage can terminate a glorious destiny. Put this in mind, Love has Eyes. So Watch and Pray.



#Friendship Friday.

"A friend is a single soul dwelling in two bodies." Aristotle.

Did you know that the friends you have can be an error in your life? Have you ever wondered the relevance of the popular saying "show me your friends and I will tell you who you are." The ability to choose good friends requires skillful endowment.

The power to choose good friends is an invaluable skill for you to posses. Little things can shape your futures more significantly. The friends that you select in life will dramatically influence your destiny.

At every point in your life, you have to be thoughtful and intentional about your choice of friends. You have to understand that friendship is not mere gift from God, but lasting treasure that you should have.

Who Is A Friend?

A friend is someone that helps shape a big part of the person you are becoming. Friends should always open doors for each other. When making your choice friends, choose friends that will encourage you to be a better version of yourself, not ones that looks at you as a no good or tempt you into doing the wrong things.

A true friend is one who stays with you when others walk away. When making your choice of friends always bear in mind that friendship is also pathway to purpose. Your choice of friends can either make you or destroy you. They influence your character, your choice, your interests, your conduct, and the direction of your life.

The #Friendship Friday is going to run a series. So put your eyes on it as more important informations on Friendship will unfold. It's weekend already.  Hang out with a group of friends.

Put on a few good movies on television, sit around, and talk about all the memories you have from the pictures you’ve found. You can often make this an event for friends and family, too, not just you.

Don't forget your cup of coffee. Hmm...What? Am I actually telling you what to drink? Oh, I am just too forward. Oops! I just love coffee so don't blame me if I want you to do same. Have a fun weekend. Fun, Fly, Fire. Have fun with good friends. Fly with the good friends. Fire the bad ones. I have said anything wrong? Anyway, more things are yet to come on #Friendship Friday.  Have a relaxing weekend!

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Adorn Yourself In Modest Apparel.

"Modesty is the highest elegance." Coco Chanel.

Many people will say, "Well, God looks on the heart. God doesn't care what you look like on the outside. God just looks on the heart." That is true. God does look on the heart, but man cannot see the heart. Man can only see the outer. Not only that, the outer appearance is usually a pretty good indicator of what is in a person's heart. The pictures below explains indiscipline.

Although it is possible to look right on the outside and be wrong on the inside, it is well nigh impossible to look right on the outside and be right on the inside. What is on the outside comes from the inside. That is why Jesus said, "out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh" (Matthew 12:34).

God does care about how you look on the outside. Dressing will take a lot of people to hell. Today, we can not differentiate world dressing and believers dressing. The Bible says separate yourself.
Let Christ be seen in you always. God sees the heart but man does not. Your appearance matters a lot because is the first thing you use to make an impression.  The picture below explains indisciplined outfit. This is the hight of abnormality. This explains a woman without self dignity and self respect.

Today, the world has entered into the church and the church is in the world. Civilization is diverting people from the original way of living to the world way. Preachers are beautifying the gospel to make people feel comfortable. The truth is not told anymore in most of our churches today.

Be careful, don't be deceived, dressing will direct a lot of people to hell.
Your appearance speaks a lot about you. What you don't have you can't give because it is the way you are inside that will reflect on the outside. People wear club cloths to church. There is no moral anymore and they back it up with God doesn't care about the outward looks. Don't be deceived, God cares about everything you do and everyone will give an account of everything.

Granted, a man could say the right things, and have a wrong heart, but a man who had a right heart would never say the wrong things. So the outer appearance is the only indicator that man has that someone is right with God, right in their heart. So God does care how we look. If you fear God, you will do things that will please Him.

In First Timothy 2:9, we read that women should adorn themselves in "modest apparel." In the Greek, the word for modest is the word katastolh (katastole), and it means a long flowing garment. The glory of God can not hide. Like I would always tell people, when you truly experience Christ grace, everything about you will change. The image below explains modesty.

Remember I said that in the Bible days, men wore a short tight skirt and women wore a long and flowing robe. That was a katastole. The Bible in First Timothy 2:9 tells women to adorn themselves in a long flowing garment, not a short, tight garment. That is what modest is, long and flowing. Pants do not flow.

Looking good is good business. It is not a sin or a crime to look good. But do not, in the name of dressing sexy be an instrument that will send other people to hell. If you are a cause of someone else's failure, you will be pay for it.

God cares about everything that you do and it may interest you to know that God is interested in you teaching people moral. #Say no to immoral dressing and embrace decency. Jesus loves you and He cares a lot about you.
You Are God's Mirror. Please Let Your Dressing Preach God and Let Christ Be Seen In You Always.

Leicester City Appoints Ex-Southampton Manager

Leicester City have appointed ex-Southampton boss Claude Puel as their new manager on a three-year deal.

Puel becomes the Foxes' third manager this year, replacing Craig Shakespeare who succeeded Premier League title winner Claudio Ranieri in February.

Puel, 56, led the Saints to eighth in his first season in charge, as well as reaching the EFL Cup final, but the Frenchman was sacked in June.

Michael Appleton will remain as Leicester's assistant manager.

Appleton had taken caretaker charge after Shakespeare was sacked just four months after he signed a three-year deal to take the job on a permanent basis.

Leicester City vice-chairman Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha said Puel was "a perfect fit".

"Upon meeting Claude, his attention to detail, knowledge of our squad, understanding of our potential and his vision to help us realise it were extremely impressive," he added.

"He quickly emerged as the outstanding candidate and I am delighted we will have the opportunity to reinforce our long-term vision, aided significantly by his expertise."

Puel takes over a Foxes side 14th in the Premier League table with two wins from nine games.

The former Monaco boss, who has also had spells at Lille and Lyon, spent four years as manager of Nice before replacing Ronald Koeman at Southampton.

He said it was "a great privilege" to take over at Leicester, adding that the club's "values and ambitions are closely aligned to my own".

"The opportunity to help the club build on its remarkable recent achievements is a truly exciting one and I'm looking forward to working with the owners, players, staff and supporters to deliver further lasting success."

Despite losing 16 games last season, Puel led Southampton to an eighth-placed finish in the Premier League. Their 3-2 defeat by Manchester United in the EFL Cup final at Wembley was their first major final since 2003.

But he was dismissed after managing just one win from the final eight league matches of the season, with his side scoring just once in their last six games.


Phil McNulty, chief football writer

Leicester City's appointment of Claude Puel is not the arrival many expected when Craig Shakespeare was sacked - and will be regarded as an underwhelming appointment by many supporters.

Frenchman Puel was dismissed by Southampton at the end of last season after a campaign that looked good on paper but left many of the fans at St Mary's cold with his style of play.

The problem for Puel was his understated personality that did not create any bond with Southampton's supporters and tactics that became increasingly stodgy as the season progressed.

The Frenchman was not among anyone's considerations when Shakespeare left, but Leicester's board have looked at his highly respectable record at Monaco, Lille, Lyon and Nice.

He will still, however, have to make a fast start as many will still regard him as damaged goods after his sacking by Southampton and a departure that was not mourned.

Premier League records of Leicester's managers since the club's Thai owners took control
Manager Games Win %
Nigel Pearson 38 28.9
Claudio Ranieri 63 44.4
Craig Shakespeare 21 38.1
Leicester have kept Michael Appleton as assistant manager alongside Puel and he will be a valuable sounding board for the new boss.

And while the appointment will raise eyebrows and have plenty of questions fired in the direction of Leicester's owners, they will have an answer ready to those who will question their judgement.

They were met with a similar puzzled reaction when Claudio Ranieri was appointed as successor to Nigel Pearson in the summer of 2015.

It led to the most glorious season in the club's history as they won the Premier League title - and while no-one is expecting a similar outcome, it may be unwise to write off the somewhat left-field appointment of Puel too soon.

BBC News.

Chelsea 2-1 Everton: Blues overcome David Unsworth's side to reach last eight

Chelsea booked their place in the last eight of the Carabao Cup after a hard-fought 2-1 win over Everton at Stamford Bridge.

Antonio Rudiger (26) scored his first goal for the club since joining from Roma as he rose unmarked at the far post to meet Charly Musonda's short corner.

Everton, who had caretaker boss David Unsworth in the dugout, had their opportunities to equalise in the second period when Ademola Lookman's shot skimmed the crossbar, before Willian scored a brilliant second in stoppage time (90+2).

Player ratings
Chelsea: Caballero (6), Rudiger (7), Christensen (6), Cahill (6), Zappacosta (7), Drinkwater (6), Ampadou (7), Kenedy (7), Willian (8), Batshuayi (6), Musonda (7)

Subs: Fabregas (6), Pedro (6), Morata (6)

Everton: Pickford (6), Baines (6), Williams (6), Jagielka (7), Kenny (7), Baningime (7), McCarthy (6), Davies (7), Lennon (6), Mirallas (6), Rooney (6)

Subs: Lookman (7), Calvert-Lewin (6), Niasse (6)

Man of the match: Willian (Chelsea)
Dominic Calvert-Lewin (90+4) pounced to bundle the ball over the line moments later but it proved nothing more than a consolation as Antonio Conte's side booked their place in the quarter-finals.

Everton began the game on the front foot with Unsworth, on the touchline for the first time since becoming interim manager following the sacking of Ronald Koeman, making his presence felt.

Despite the away side showing good aggression, it was Chelsea who produced the one moment of class in an uneventful opening half.

Team news
Chelsea made nine changes to the side that beat Watford with Ethan Ampadu and Danny Drinkwater making their first starts for the club. Everton made five changes to the side beaten by Arsenal as Beni Baningime was handed his first senior start while James McCarthy made his first appearance of the season.
Just as in the Premier League encounter between these two sides, Everton were punished for a lapse in concentration as Rudiger peeled off Williams at the far post to meet Musonda's cross to score after 26 minutes.

It was a fine header back across goal which left Pickford with no chance, but the Toffees emerged for the second half with renewed belief.

So dominant in the first 45 minutes, Chelsea afforded their opponents several chances as Wayne Rooney was denied from close range by Willy Caballero following a knock-down by Kevin Mirallas.

Caballero was called upon twice more in quick succession to deny Mirallas before a slack back-pass from Rooney nearly allowed Michy Batshuayi to score a second before a desperate last-ditch clearance from Phil Jagielka.

Lookman looked bright off the bench for the visitors and the England Under 21 international nearly levelled when his fierce left-foot shot clipped the bar, before Willian appeared to have put the game to bed.

The Brazilian played a sharp one-two with Cesc Fabregas before firing an unstoppable shot low to Pickford's left which flew in off the post.

Calvert-Lewin pulled a goal back deep into stoppage time, but it is Chelsea who enter the quarter-final draw on Thursday afternoon.

Opta stats

The Blues have reached the League Cup quarter-final for the 21st time in their history - only Arsenal (26), Spurs (23) and Liverpool (22) have achieved it on more occasions.
Everton have only kept one clean sheet in their last 14 games in all competitions (v Sunderland in the League Cup third round).
Ethan Ampadu (17y 40d) became the first player born in 2000 to start for Chelsea in any competition.
Chelsea scored with two of their three shots on target in this game, while Willian's goal was their only one of the second half.
The managers

Antonio Conte: "I am very happy because tonight I saw lots of positive things, above all the performance of the young players: Musonda, Kenedy and Ampadu. Don't forget Ampadu is only 17.

"They played a good game. It is important to trust these players. Tonight, Michy (Batshuayi) didn't score but he played well, a good performance.

"I think Willy (Caballero) played very well but if I have to find a negative thing about tonight, we conceded in the last minute."

David Unsworth: "It was a totally committed performance. We don't like losing so we're not happy we've lost the game, but I thought the players were outstanding.

"If we get that every week, we'll be absolutely fine. We had a game plan for an hour, but we knew we had to make a change because James McCarthy was always going to come off.

"The plan is to go and win every game, but I wanted a performance as well. The club got that so it's something to build on and take into the Leicester game."

Man of the match - Willian

The one Chelsea player who didn't allow his performance to drop in the second period, Willian produced a moment of sheer class to steer his side into the hat for the last eight.

The Brazilian received a short corner off Cesc Fabregas before losing Tom Davies with the slip of the shoulder and running onto a ball returned to him by the Spaniard and firing a first-time shot into the bottom corner.

The sublime strike was his first goal of the season for Chelsea, and ended a run of 14 games in all competitions without scoring (since May v Sunderland).

What's next
Chelsea now prepare for the trip to south coast to face Bournemouth in the Premier League on Saturday evening while Everton visit Leicester at the King Power Stadium as part of Nissan Super Sunday.




"I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed." Michael Jordan.

Tottenham 2-3 West Ham: Hammers stun Spurs to reach Carabao Cup quarter-finals

After a much-changed Spurs side coasted into a two-goal half-time lead, their London rivals rallied with three goals inside 15 second-half minutes to progress to the quarter-finals.

Moussa Sissoko and Dele Alli had made it 2-0 at the interval, with this the first of two games needed for Slaven Bilic to save his job at the Hammers.

But Andre Ayew scored twice to haul the Hammers level on the hour before Angelo Ogbonna rose from a corner to head home the winner with 20 minutes remaining.

Team news
Danny Rose made his first start of the season as Mauricio Pochettino made seven changes to the Spurs side which thrashed Liverpool. Harry Kane was left out of the squad all together. After a two-game absence, Mark Noble returned to captain West Ham, who made nine changes following Friday’s humbling at the hands of Brighton.
Bilic came into the tie under immense pressure to keep his job and his fate looked ominous as Tottenham bossed the first half without a string of key players.

Kane, Hugo Lloris, Serge Aurier and Jan Vertonghen were not in the matchday squad and Christian Eriksen was dropped to the bench, but Mauricio Pochettino's side looked unaffected as they hit their opponents on the counter-attack for Sissoko's opener.

Alli almost fired the second when he forced Adrian to save with a back-post header but eventually sealed his second goal in as many games with a curling shot that hit the back of Declan Rice and found the net.

West Ham were abject in the first half but capitalised on a creeping sluggishness in Spurs when Edmilison Fernandes' shot was parried straight to Ayew to pull one back.

Ayew went close with a header immediately afterwards and then equalised on the hour-mark from Manuel Lanzini's low cross into the six-yard box.

And the Hammers sealed the shock of the fourth round when Ogbonna steered his header into the bottom corner with 20 minutes remaining.

Player ratings
Tottenham: Vorm (6), Trippier (6), Foyth (6), Alderweireld (6), Davies (6), Rose (6), Dier (5), Sissoko (6), Alli (7), Son (5), Llorente (4).

Subs: Dembele (5), Eriksen (5), Nkoudou (5).

West Ham: Adrian (6), Byram (6), Ogbonna (7), Rice (6), Kouyate (6), Cresswell (6), Noble (6), Fernandes (7), Lanzini (7), Ayew (8), Carroll (7).

Subs: Obiang (6), Arnautovic (5)

Man of the Match: Andre Ayew


Tuesday, 24 October 2017




"Your past is not your potential. In any hour you can choose to liberate the future." Marilyn Ferguson.

Do we need money to tape into our divine career? Being happy in life shouldn't be optional. Your interests determine the manner of everything that you create. Usually, the sphere of person interests consists of hobbies and things that attract the person.

However, no matter how many times people visited the mountains, you have your own pathway and you have impression about it. After the moment you found the most appealing career for your life, you must strategize carefully before delving into it.

Beware of what it takes to get started before leaping. Focus on specific details that are essential to your path. We live in a strange and fast moving world, each day a new false prophets arises preaching his own brand of success attainment.

Most of us have seen people who perform their jobs by doing as little as possible. They don't have all the money in the world or all the resources required as prophesied by most people. Yet they are good at what they do.

Motivation is an internal state, that only the individual can control. Today, we realize that our reasons for performing well on our chosen career are far more complex. Before you change your life you must first change your thinking. If you rely on the fact that you need a huge capital to start a career, you might just be waiting longer than expected.

To get started in life all you need is the right ideas, patience, persistence, and prayer. Most of us know what we want out of life, but only a handful of us have learned how to get it. The right ideas not only gives you the road map, it hands you the ability to ignite your movement in life.

Achieving your full goal in life is not an easy thing if you venture into something you have no gift for. It is very important to take time to find out your own unique gifts and develop them.

It is not good doing something that is not your divine career. The one thing that distinguishes those who realize their full goal and those that don't is self-identification. In fact, the strength of your self-identification is the one thing that determines whether you conquer mountains or conquer foothills. But Self-identification is not easy.

The limitations on what we can do in our lives are largely Self-imposed. Patience is required when you are seeking the strengths you can exploit. Patience on the pathway to discovering can develop an individual mindset and really helps clear misconception. You can not develop your skills unless you change your styles of reasoning.

The point of breakthrough occurs when you find the formula that works for you. Self-identification is the starting point on the journey of Self-development. Identification gives us a full grab of our potential. It indicates where our strengths lie, what things we are naturally good at and how we might combine our natural gifts with opportunities around us. To get a hold of your divine potential you need to do Self-research, Self-knowledge, Strengths, and Weaknesses.

Let me leave you with this for the week. Knowing yourself better, you can discover your own strengths and potential. Learn to work with people, things, data, ideas or knowledge. Impacting into others is the best way to unlock your gifted career.

Man City 0-0 Wolves (AET): Claudio Bravo saves City in shoot-out

Claudio Bravo was the penalty shoot-out hero for Manchester City as they battled past Wolves to reach the quarter-finals of the Carabao Cup on Tuesday.

Premier League leaders Man City had scored in every previous game this season but they were shut-out by Sky Bet Championship leaders Wolves over 120 well-contested minutes at the Etihad Stadium.

Sergio Aguero spurned City's best opportunities as he missed out on the chance to become the club's all-time leading scorer while 19-year-old Bright Enobakhare was twice denied by Bravo after Wolves counter-attacks.

An intriguing match was eventually settled in a shoot-out, with Aguero securing a 4-1 win for City after Bravo saved two penalties in a row.

City will now join Manchester United and Arsenal in Thursday's quarter-final draw, having been pushed all the way by Wolves, who defended superbly throughout and will no doubt regret missing several one-on-one chances.

Player ratings
Man City: Bravo (9), Danilo (6), Mangala (5), Adarabioyo (6), Zinchenko (6), Bernardo (6), Toure (6), Sterling (6), Gundogan (7), Aguero (5), Jesus (5)

Subs: Walker (5), Stones (5), De Bruyne (4), Sane (5)

Wolves: Norris (8), Batth (8), Coady (8), Hause (8), Bennett (8), N'Diaye (7), Price (7), Vinagre (7), Marshall (7), Enobakhare (8), Costa (7)

Subs: Cavaleiro (6), Ronan (6), Bonatini (6)

Man of the match: Claudio Bravo
Both sides made nine changes from their last league match, and it was Aguero who went closest to breaking the deadlock early on as he saw a shot saved and then dragged an effort wide from the penalty spot.

City dominated possession but only created sporadic chances against a packed Wolves defence, with Raheem Sterling sliding past the post in the 25th minute and Aguero shooting at 'keeper Will Norris from outside the box.

Wolves largely restricted City while threatening on the break, and could have taken the lead late in the first half as Enobakhare beat Eliaquim Mangala to the ball and raced clear, but then failed to finish past Bravo.

Premier League leaders Man City had scored in every previous game this season but they were shut-out by Sky Bet Championship leaders Wolves over 120 well-contested minutes at the Etihad Stadium.

Sergio Aguero spurned City's best opportunities as he missed out on the chance to become the club's all-time leading scorer while 19-year-old Bright Enobakhare was twice denied by Bravo after Wolves counter-attacks.

An intriguing match was eventually settled in a shoot-out, with Aguero securing a 4-1 win for City after Bravo saved two penalties in a row.

City will now join Manchester United and Arsenal in Thursday's quarter-final draw, having been pushed all the way by Wolves, who defended superbly throughout and will no doubt regret missing several one-on-one chances.

Player ratings
Man City: Bravo (9), Danilo (6), Mangala (5), Adarabioyo (6), Zinchenko (6), Bernardo (6), Toure (6), Sterling (6), Gundogan (7), Aguero (5), Jesus (5)

Subs: Walker (5), Stones (5), De Bruyne (4), Sane (5)

Wolves: Norris (8), Batth (8), Coady (8), Hause (8), Bennett (8), N'Diaye (7), Price (7), Vinagre (7), Marshall (7), Enobakhare (8), Costa (7)

Subs: Cavaleiro (6), Ronan (6), Bonatini (6)

Man of the match: Claudio Bravo
Both sides made nine changes from their last league match, and it was Aguero who went closest to breaking the deadlock early on as he saw a shot saved and then dragged an effort wide from the penalty spot.

City dominated possession but only created sporadic chances against a packed Wolves defence, with Raheem Sterling sliding past the post in the 25th minute and Aguero shooting at 'keeper Will Norris from outside the box.

Wolves largely restricted City while threatening on the break, and could have taken the lead late in the first half as Enobakhare beat Eliaquim Mangala to the ball and raced clear, but then failed to finish past Bravo.

Claudio Bravo saves from Helder Costa
Helder Costa spurned a similar chance after the break when he was denied by Bravo, while, at the other end, Norris stuck out a hand to prevent Aguero taking the ball around him.

City continued to see more of the ball but chances were few and far between and they were indebted to Bravo for denying Enobakhare when he raced clear in injury-time.

Team news
Both sides made nine changes, with Aguero and Bernardo Silva keeping their places from City's win over Burnley on Saturday. Zinchenko made his full debut at left-back and Adarabioyo played alongside Mangala at the centre of defence.
Batth and Coady were the only players to maintain their starting spots for Wolves as Norris started in goal and N'Diaye, Price and Costa also made the XI.
Extra-time saw more chances, largely to City as substitute Leroy Sane shot over, Aguero dragged wide and then shot at Norris with almost the last kick of the match.

The first three penalties of the 'ABBA' shoot-out were all scored, but then Bravo saved from Alfred N'Diaye and Conor Coady, setting up Sane and Aguero to finally finish the game and send City through to the last eight.

The managers

Pep Guardiola: "In the special moments Claudio was outstanding. He was determined in terms of when you are one-on-one with him and then the penalties he saved two, so he was man of the match by far. It's a tough game, the opponent was so defensive, with 10 players in the box, the space was so tight."

Nuno Espirito Santo: "I'm proud of the boys, proud of the fans and proud of the way they performed for the result on 90 minutes and 120 minutes. Then it is a moment of luck, but well done to us. It's a competition where we wanted the whole squad to play and we made nine changes. We have to focus on the league. The next game against QPR is our focus."

Man of the match - Bright Enobakhare

Enobakhare was excellent for Wolves and could have been the match-winner were it not for Bravo's brilliance. The oft-maligned City goalkeeper denied the 19-year-old on two occasions when he was clean through on goal and also blocked a close-range shot from Costa.

Bravo then performed more heroics in the shoot-out as he saved two penalties to help City advance to the last eight.


Monday, 23 October 2017

Cristiano Ronaldo Beats Lionel Messi To FIFA Best Men's Player Award.

Cristiano Ronaldo has been named Best FIFA Men's Player ahead of Lionel Messi for the second successive year.

The Real Madrid forward received 43.16 per cent of the total votes and was presented with the 2017 award by Diego Maradona and former Brazil striker Ronaldo at the London ceremony after beating off competition from Messi and the world's most expensive player, Neymar.

The men's and women's player and coach awards were decided by a two-part process in a 50-50 split.The captains and head coaches of all the world's national teams count for 50 per cent of the result and the other 50 per cent was made up of votes from 200 football journalists and an online public ballot.

FIFA introduced the 'Best Football Awards' last season after splitting with France Football magazine, which meant they had to end their association with the Ballon d'Or award.

Messi and Ronaldo did not vote for each other in any of their three nominations for the award.

"Thank you a lot, to the guys who voted for me," Ronaldo said. "Real supporters, my team-mates, my coach, my president, I have to thank them too.

"We are in England for the first time and I win consecutive awards. This is a great moment for me. I know I have fans all over the world so thanks a lot for the support."

Cristiano Ronaldo: 43.16%  Lionel Messi: 19.25% Neymar: 6.97%

Zinedine Zidane (46.22 per cent of votes) made it a double swoop for Real Madrid after beating off Chelsea's title-winning manager Antonio Conte (11.62 per cent) and Juventus' Massimiliano Allegri (8.78 per cent) to be named Best FIFA Men's Coach.

Zidane became the first coach to win back-to-back Champions League titles and led Real Madrid to their first La Liga title in five years.

Sky News.




"The handshake of the host affects the taste of the roast." Benjamin Franklin.

The #Etiquette Tuesday is going to talk about Handshakes. Etiquette touches all elements. Your appearance. Your attitude. Your service. Your environment. Now, handshake is one of the first impression you make on a date. In business a handshake is more than just a greeting. It says a lot about your personality and confidence level.

A handshake is an important tool in making the right first impression. Shaking hands is appropriate when you are renewing an acquaintance. Acknowledging someone who enters your office or home. When greeting a client, new coworker, or someone you are meeting for the first time. When leaving a business or social event.

You don't shake hands when someone has his or her hands full with things, because putting everything down to extend his or her hand would be a big inconvenience. A handshake should be brief.

5 tips to an impressive handshake:

1. Stand For Handshake.
Handshakes are offered and received in an upright stance. Unless if you can not move within the confines of space.

2. Begin With An Introduction.
Introduce yourself before extending your hand for a shake. Extending your hand without an introduction may mean you are not sure of handling confidential meetings.

3. Use One Hand.
Don't ever handshake with two hands. It is an improper thing to do.  Use only one hand-your right hand for the shake. A handshake should also be very firm and friendly.

4. Shake In A Vertical Motion.
Shake from your elbow using your upper arm straight through to your hand. The range of motion should be 2 or 3 inches.

5. End The Handshake Before The Introduction Is Over.
A good handshake is held for 3 or 4 seconds. However end the shake before you finish introducing yourself.


Most people struggle with three basic issues in life. The first is identity: “Who am I?” The second is understanding: “What is happening?” And the third is choice: “Let me just follow any path.” Over the years, I’ve noticed that many people often struggle with clarifying these issues. But the answers are found in understanding God’s reasons for creating you and putting you on earth.

God’s predestined us in Him in order for us to be presented back to Him In Peace, Love, without Blame, and Holiness. To understand God's reasons for our existence on this planet, you must begin with God. You were born by His purpose and for His purpose. We want to know why we are on earth. We desire to know our unique purpose.

The search for the purpose of life has puzzled people for thousands of years. That’s because we typically begin at the wrong starting point – concentrating on what is trending or how you want people to see you. We ask selfish questions like: “This is what the world is doing, why can't I do it? People are making it anyhow, why can't I join them?”

How then do you discover your God given purpose? I will list out two points. Your first point is Perception. The happenings around you and Second is Dream. The vision that God is showing to you. The why of our existence starts with knowing what God's word says. "Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God"(John 3:3).

The word kingdom of God here is explaining to you the beautiful treasures that God has deposited inside of you. Now, except you connect yourself with God, you can not grab fully these divine treasures that is locked inside of you.

The Bible made us to understand that Jesus did so many wonderful things that even the people could not comprehend them. A man called Nicodemus came to asked Jesus how he did those wonderful miracles and showed unconditional love. He knew that no man can perform so excellently except God be with the person.

Jesus replying Nicodemus, made him realized that anyone that must trade on God's given purpose must first be fully connected to God. You must be under God's control. Which conforms to the predestined nature. Jesus also made him to understand that what belongs to the spirit is of the spirit and that which belongs to the flesh is of the flesh.

A proper understanding of this enable you to unlock the you that is locked inside, you need your peace of mind, a holy relationship and an excellent way of expressing love. When you learn to live at peace with people, and express love,  it will help you figure out things easily. This is where the power of Perception comes in.  Holiness comes in when you decide to obey and keep the commandments of God.

Separating yourself from sin is obeying God in totality. We understand that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.

What is it that we perceive? What is the relationship among things-in-themselves, our sensation of them, and our understanding? The Power Of Perception is extremely important to understand with regard to how and why you attract and come to experience the day to day life experiences in each area of life. It's important that is, if you have a "sincere desire" to begin consciously and consistently creating more desirable outcomes than you have.

Perception : act of perceiving, 1 a : a result of perceiving : OBSERVATION b : a mental image : CONCEPT 2 a obsolete : CONSCIOUSNESS 3 a : awareness of the elements of environment through physical sensation b : physical sensation interpreted in the light of experience 4 a : quick, acute, and intuitive cognition : APPRECIATION b : a capacity for comprehension. Merriam Webster Dictionary.

YOUR perception of something is an observation, interpretation, or a mental image that you hold with regard to some event, condition, or circumstance. In other words it is how you SEE things in the world around you that molds, shapes and determines your individual life style. The things that happens around you are actually speaking to you. You have to pay attention in order to understand what an event is explaining to you.

I have a friend who never liked modeling or anything that has to do with entertainment industry. She is driven by white collar jobs. That is what she loves. Her passion was to wake up very early in morning, go and resume in an office where she would get paid at the end of the month. But something kept happening to her and she never paid attention to it. She has friends that are into modeling and entertainment. Oftentimes, when they went for casting, they would take her along. On getting there, they would drop one of her friend and picked my friend. You know what, she would run away and tell them she wasn't interested.

The truth is, the white collar job never paid her. She was confronted with so many challenges in life. Not until we talked to her and made her realized that she has to look into modeling or acting, she didn't get satisfaction. Today, she is very happy and trading on her God's given purpose in the entertainment industry as an actor.

What really happened to my friend was that she lacked understanding about the things happening around her. She experienced a lot of failures before she decided to try what she had been noticing, and that was it. Perception helps you identify your purpose easily if you pay attention to what is happening around you. A lot of people today are missing it just because of negligence and lack of understanding.

Challenges comes in order for us to find the ability to identify. Perception helps you to identify, learn, and fix. Pay attention to anything and everything around you. Perception is generally based on awareness. Be aware of what you have inside that is the only way you can live a happy life.

Dreams are perfect way to hear from God. Dream is a vision of the night. Vision is the pathway to a realistic destination. God reveal things through dreams. The easiest way to grab your divine purpose is to hear directly from God. Dreams tell us about the past, present and future.

Many see things in the dream but find it very difficult to understand. So many prophets and kings in the Bible were shown great and life transforming revelations through this medium. God is still the same. He never change. God still speaks through the dream medium.

For instance, some people would see themselves in the dream acting a movie, some singing, for some arranging files. When they wake up, they still believe that what they saw is a product of the mind. No, dreams are not rude. There is no dream without an interpretation. So many people had missed it and many are still missing it because of the misconception of the words "Product of the mind."

The devil does not have any right to show anyone revelation. What he does is to paint pictures that confuses someone. Revelations only come from God. And when God shows you a dream more than once, it means that the revelation is established by God and nothing can stop it. "And for that the dream was doubled unto Pharaoh twice; it is because the thing is established by God, and God will shortly bring it to pass"(Genesis 41:32).

Do you see yourself acting in the dream? God is telling you that the movie industry is where you belong. Acting is your divine purpose. Some see themselves cooking in a party. Once you see yourself cooking in a party, God is telling you that Event Planning and Catering Services is your divine career. Do you see yourself arranging files? God is telling you that white collar job is your thing.

It is true, the eyes that look are many but the eyes that see are rare. Vision ignite the spirit of focus, determination and patience in you. If you are seeing a particular thing more than once, don't take it for granted. Vision is a sure way of accessing God's divine purpose for your life. A man with a vision can never be distracted.

You can develop your God given purpose by making Jesus your partner in life. The kingdom of God is actually in Christ Jesus. The worse  thing that can happen to anybody is to start a life journey, gets to the end of the road then realized that you've been journeying on the wrong pathway. If your purpose is not impacting into others and helping people find fulfillment you might probably be living a fake life.

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Good Morning From JAB.


A day to refuel your soul and be grateful for your blessings... Take a deep breath and relax. Enjoy your family, friends, and a cup of coffee!

Everyone deserves a Sunday morning in Church. The night before the Sunday, set the alarm on your phone to buzz at 6:00 AM in the morning. When the alarm finally goes off, simply turn it off and arrange yourself for the day preferably till 12.00 PM.

Do not despair! You can still have a relatively interesting Sunday, even without money, or friends. The thing is, you can have a productive Sunday by doing the following five things. If you do, you’ll notice that you’ll be more productive, young, and ready to handle the work week when your alarm goes out on Monday morning.

1. Go To Church
In the presence of God there is fullness of joy. Sunday is the beginning of the week. Though it's a day set for resting. If you start your day with God, everything will indeed take the right shape. So start your morning with praise, worship and thanks.

2. Cook Brunch
Sunday is for many, a lazy day. So, if you’re feeling generous, you could consider indulging the rest of your household with a delicious home-cooked brunch. This way, you’re sure to be flavour of the week.

3.Spend Some Time Alone
While you should definitely spend some quality time with friends and family, you also need to have some time to yourself. Why? Because being alone has several benefits . It gives you the opportunity to reflect, clear your mind, improve your creativity, do the things that you want to do, and meet new people. Spending time alone can also increase your productivity since you aren’t relying on other people to share the workload on a project.

4.Get out of your house.
If you spend all day inside when you feel the onslaught of boredom, you will inevitably be more bored. You see your walls all the time. Go and look at something that isn’t your wall. I mean it. I don’t care if there is a gale outside. Gales are interesting. Go outside.

5. Plan Your Week.
Finally, you can end the day by lying flat on the ground while listening to good inspirational songs and planning your week.  Get lost in subtle patterns and allow your mind to comb through blissful moments, private fantasies and maybe linger into more passionate affairs with SKY.

Planning your week ahead of time will also save you throughout the week. Instead of worrying about what you’re going to eat and spending time looking for those items in your house, you can make a grocery list and get those items so you know exactly what you’re going to make and that you have all of the ingredients on-hand.

Antonio Conte dismisses rumours of unrest over training schedule.

Chelsea coach Antonio Conte has dismissed suggestions of dissatisfaction at the club over his training methods. The Italian coach says the training load is "70% less" than it was during last season's Premier League title-winning campaign.

Reports have affirmed that Blues players are depleted by Conte's grueling schedule.

Former Juventus manager Conte said "I don't know about this,when asked about the media speculation.

Chelsea are without a win in their last three games, losing to Manchester City and Crystal Palace in the Premier League before drawing 3-3 at home to Roma in the Champions League on Wednesday. On Saturday, Chelsea, who are nine points behind Premier League leaders Manchester City, host Watford.

It will be their third game in seven days and Conte believes the quick turnaround between fixtures - and the lack of preparation time that leaves - is behind their recent poor form.

He added that "When you play every three days it's impossible to work on the tactical aspect and physical aspect," "I think we are paying less attention in every detail."

Chelsea have not lost three straight Premier League games since Autumn 2015. Jose Mourinho, who won the Premier League with the Blues in 2014-15, was then sacked a few weeks later as the club's title defence faltered.

When Asked if he was feeling the pressure, Conte, added: "I think every coach, every manager has to feel the pressure. "When I go to my house I'm happy because I know in every moment I put all myself in my job for this club, for the fans, for my players. "You know very well that anything can happen in football."


A great privilege, it is, to be taught the word of God. Knowing the most significance in everything we do is very important. What Controls You – Earthly Desires or Heavenly Ones?
“The law was brought in so that the trespass might increase. But where sin increased, grace increased all the more.” (Romans 5:20 NIV)

We must be careful about what we desire. Desiring only earthly things, with no thought of the eternal implications, is a formula for disaster. We all have priorities. Setting goals right is one test that is often thrown before us almost everyday of our lives and many times we find ourselves doing things that are of no value to us.

Do you wonder if I mean the steps you take are bad? No. I only wanted you to understand that as a child of God, one has to learn to do the necessary things first. Life becomes frustrating when you miss the right steps. The word of God were well reckoned to present the listener a clear message that would help them learn to value His word more than anything. Martha for instance, was so busy preparing food that she missed the teaching of Jesus right in her own house.

"Now it came to pass, as they went, that he entered into a certain village: and a certain woman named Martha received him into her house.And she had a sister called Mary, which also sat at Jesus' feet, and heard his word.But Martha was cumbered about much serving, and came to him, and said, Lord, dost thou not care that my sister hath left me to serve alone? bid her therefore that she help me.And Jesus answered and said unto her, Martha, Martha, thou art careful and troubled about many things:BUT ONE THING IS NEEDFUL: and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her."(Luke 10:38-42).

In our world today, it is so easy to get busy, we don't know what we really want, but we all want to live a comfortable lives. Mary chose the right part.  I want to believe Mary did more than just sitting down at the feet of Jesus for her to earn Christ commendation. Now, what is that right part that Mary chose? The right part is doing that which is needful at the particular time. Martha focused on what she thought was right thing to do for the Lord but found herself out of move with what the Lord bethink as essential. It is important to keep our priorities strait.

That one needful thing The Lord said to Nicodemus,"Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God."( John 3:3). Jesus did not manage His words when He said it. Verily means, certainly, without doubt, and He said it clearly again "YE MUST BE BORN AGAIN."(John3:7). The Lord gave a standing order. "Must" is a command and it is important to note that Jesus did not patronize anybody. He did not try to make Himself feel special or try to use an apologetic voice. He didn't try to keep people to Himself or tell them to sow seeds before they can make heaven. He did not say tithe and offerings will take you to heaven. He said and it is a command, "Ye Must Be Born Again." The word is certain that without a man being born again, he can not see the kingdom of God.

We can navigate successfully through this world only when we live a holy life and are controlled by the Holy Spirit. The key to open heaven's gate is for you to be born again.

“Therefore, brothers and sisters, we have an obligation—but it is not to the flesh, to live according to it. For if you live according to the flesh, you will die; but if by the Spirit you put to death the misdeeds of the body, you will live” (Romans 8:12–13, NIV).

When we submit to God, the Holy Spirit trumps the temporary, perishable desires that seek to control how we think, feel, and act. The best offense against a negative addiction is to have a positive addiction that is greater. Our home is heaven, and we live life seeking our Lord’s approval above all else.

There is no Kingdom of God for anyone who is not born again. "The Soul That Sinneth It Shall Die." (Ezekiel 18:4). There is no need patronizing people about the word of God, say it the way it is. "He who have ears let him hear," Jesus the Christ is coming back again! The day you die is the day your trumpet has sounded. Give your life to Christ. It is not wise to die in sin.

Know that for God so loved the world He gave is only begotten son(John 3:16), if you can accept the son whom The Lord gave, surely you will begin to experience a supernatural turn around in your life. Let God be in-charge of everything that you do. Let Him teach you His own way and direct your path. Don't concentrate on the unimportant and leave the essentials.

Beloved it is not going to be easy, however, if you sock yourself with the word of God the Holy Spirit always be there to support and guide your steps.


As I watched people go along one direction, I realized that many people have difficulties discovering who they are. Experiences and challenges have affirmed it.

I was lost in the world not with a knowledge that I was created for a particular purpose. He allowed me to do what I felt was good for me. I followed that path like many people do.
I can't but keep mulling over the dynamic that occurred when I was faced with the decision to either seek God in holiness or keep swimming in the world of sin. It was indeed a decisive and tough moment for me.

It got to a point I realized that we have a portfolio with us. But some times I hate to think that some died without opening their portfolio. Later on, I came to the conclusion that it is by His grace.' If you're still living, you still have the time to open your portfolio.

When I opened mine, it wasn't the life I wanted that I saw. If I was to decide for myself, I would have been out there catching fun. I never knew I felt that way because I didn't have a proper understanding of what the portfolio contained.

I said to myself, " I love to drink hard drinks. I love to party, and I love to hang around a lover. I feel cool with it because I enjoy everything about the world. When I opened the portfolio again, I brought out the documents and map in it. I read it word for word, page by page, but yet I still did not have a clear understanding about it.

Later on, I skimmed through it again, and noticed that I need the Spirit of the Chief Executive Officer of Life to understand better. After going through the documents and the map, I saw that there was nothing I could do to change it. I discovered it is an assignment that must be administer in the right department.

It was a moment to make a life changing decision and to choose the pathway to follow. There was no escape root for me. Cause the challenges of life had enveloped me and I wondered if God was watching. It is very encouraging when you know the why behind everything you do.

At that point in time, The Lord made me understood that I need Him because He is also in need of me. He made me understood that whoever is crested on His palm is His and can not escape Him. If you try to, the challenges will be bigger than you. Then I got to lock up my worldly life for good and choose to follow The Lord. I allowed the Holy Spirit in and after a while I opened my portfolio again, read through the documents, map then I was able to understand through the help of the Holy Ghost.

Our portfolio is packaged with different assignments( gifts and talents) that has a particular department that it is made to function. But how can you discharge divine assignments if you don't have the Holy Ghost with you? Challenges start in life when you don't have an idea of who you are.

Some discover themselves but administered their tasks in a worldly way. The journey of life begins with you discovering who you are and knowing the right department to function. Also how to carry out the assignment given to you.

"Life itself is full of uncertain events. It is a journey towards achieving a goal but is beset by innumerable byways that are snails." The snails in this context is sin. Sin has dominate a lot of people that they even find it very comfort to live with it.

Achieving your God's given purpose is not going to be easy, but you just have to trust the hand that is out to catch you. Separate yourself from sin and believe in the word of God.  God loves you. He always speak to us. You have to discover the way The Lord speaks to you. It is important you discover who you are and allow Jesus Christ to occupy the whole of your life. The worst thing that can happen to anyone is to come to this world, and die without fulfilling purpose.

The first thing is for you to be born. The second is to discover the you that is locked inside and unlock it. Yes, no man has the right to direct his own part, but it is your duty to discover your purpose here on earth. Fulfilling purpose is very essential in life. Don't go back to God with your gifts and talents unused.

Friday, 20 October 2017


Toast to every morning riser. Love is blind specially in the morning because I can't see a damn thing before having coffee.

You never lose by loving. You always lose by trying to make him be what you want.
Finding someone who truly deserves you will be like looking for a needle in a pile. Getting a near perfect understanding about love, you must first journey into yourself. There will be those who’ll size up in many ways, but finding someone who really will agree in totality with what you want is not that easy.  Because of this, sometimes you tend not to see clearly when you are in the midst of a love tied relationship.

Every woman deserves to be treated like a choice, not an option. You are not someone’s "I Think." Let him treat you like his priority. When the intensity of love is different, you end up living in doubts. But do you really deserve someone that will treat you without regards? No, you deserve better. Someone that will love you unconditionally. He calls you just because he wants to hear your voice. He will never sleep when he knows you are sad.

The best way to set a relationship is to always listen to what your partner has to say. Is he talking to you about the future? So many people make the same mistakes In their relationship. The best way to grow a relationship is to communicate more than acting. When you mix up the important and insignificant together, believe it, you might lose that relationship.

What will you do if your partner says to you that he can't accept what you believe and if your relationship eventually leads to the alter he won't allow you force your children into what to accept? After hearing all these you still believe is just a mere saying. When someone tells you who they are, believe them and don't think you can change them. The mistake a lot of people make in relationship is to think you can utterly change a person you've started mixing affections with.

When you fail to communicate in a relationship, you can never get the truth off your partner. When he looks at you in the eye because of a little misunderstanding and says to you that You Deserve Better or starts reminding you of your age, your attitude and all that, he is telling you to move on because he doesn't care enough about you. He will not put in the effort or energy he know you deserve.

Being aware of differences in the intensity of love can be hurtful, because it implies that one partner is in doubt—it implies a certain type of rejection. Sometimes, you would not want to admit to yourself that he does not deserve your love because you don't want to feel cheated or used. Accepting defeat is no failure. Failure is when you try to please him after knowing that he does not want you. Now, that is even more painful and can make you break down.

Don't start thinking of how to please him or want to do everything in your power to make him happy. Everyone deserves to be treated as a treasure. Truth is, if your idea of the perfect guy revolves around his tastes, what he does for fun, and the stuff you want to have in common with him, you might be waiting a very long time – and there’s no guarantee that he’s a good guy even if you find him.

When a guy makes you is choice, he won't have to think twice to know if he wants to accept your likes and dislikes. When he is saying "You can't change me." Watch him. If he says it to you more than once, don't take such words for granted. He meant every of his words. If you have ever been on the wrong end of an unequal relationship, you know how terrible it feels.
Emotions flood over you that you’re embarrassed to admit. Feelings of worthlessness, neediness, confusion. Which means you’ve also spent sleepless nights beating yourself up, wondering what you could have done differently, asking friends how you could have turned things around.

You shouldn't feel heartbroken because he is not agreeing to your want. When he is no longer looking at you, it means he is not noticing you. There is probably a side chic. At this point, you need to ask yourself questions. Don't force him and don't make him feel you are going to die without him.

 Sometimes it's good to let go, rearrange yourself, then wait to see what the rejection will bring on the table. If it brings something negative, kick it out of your way. Dwelling in the past can be more painful than the past. If it brings something positive welcome it and move on with it.

Relationship is two sides of the same coin. It comes with love and hate. Is very important you put in mind that You can't always get want you love but you can grow love for what you have. You measure your relationship to be sure is in a good state when he communicates directly with you and doesn’t try to hide anything or leave anything vague. He should be someone who’s always there for you – who wants you to succeed and become the best version of yourself that you can possibly be. He has to demonstrate his respect for you in every interaction he has with you. He thinks about your feelings before he says or does anything. Respect is a basic human decency in a relationship and life in general.

In a good relationship you don't ask for anything because he already knows that you deserve the necessity. The most important thing in a relationship is that the two must agree. Without agreement two can not work together. Therefore, understanding and compatibility are very essential if a relationship must stand the test of time.

I will like to leave you with this. Be sure before getting involved with him. A faulty relationship that leads to marriage can cause a lot of terrible things in future. It may interest you to know that marriage is purpose. For some women they tape fully into their God's divine purpose when they get married. Getting involved with someone who does not see you as a choice rather he sees you as "Let it just be that I'm married." Can terminate your purpose for life. So many women don't have an idea of who they are and what they can do but when a partner comes, he helps you unlock the You that is locked inside. So know if you really want to do it before taking a step.

Juliet Amos.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017


There are individuals  who focuses on the weakness of others. The individual could be a friend, colleague, neighbor, etc. What they usually do is to explore the general hopelessness of someone's life.

These set of individuals will never call to find out how you are coping with life and they rarely listens to what's going on around or happening to you before shifting the focus back to themselves. What we often forget is that some people come close because they have ulterior motives to pump up ego offering advice and to mock you in your situation.

I believe everyone has weakness and strength. When you have someone around you that repeatedly drains every good thing you do, how do you act in a way that don't reinforce their negativity and maybe even helps them?

Here are some vital points:

1. Don't take insults personally.
In the quest of trying to get things right, I realized that some people would act like they care about you but deep down, they think negative things towards you. Negative people are those who usually do not see anything good inside of you. Even when you let them into your dreams and aspirations, they would still not see anything good in them.
The best way to handle them and not let their negative thoughts gets into you is that you should never take things personally when dealing with them. Always weigh their words to a willingness to learn. Some of the most useful lessons learns in life comes from negative people around you.

2. Laugh, but be smart to note reality.
Oftentimes, we think that people say things out of joke not knowing that is how they perceive you or what they wish you. Laughing out when you know that someone is mocking you is not a bad idea. It is a way of making an unpleasant situation memorable. Believe me, that is the best way to get a negative person thinking. When you make a negative person realize their negative words don't get to you, you might start building a sense of positive thinking in him. Most especially when you don't fall out of purpose.

3. Maintain a right attitude.
We always wish people could be more positive. I have experienced many humiliating moments. Humiliation, and the related emotion of shame, arises when we feel oppressed, insulted, or not been able to meet an expected standard. However, some people always want to get at you because they've started seeing you as a competitor.
The best you can do is to accept them as they are, but stay on your lane. Be focus and let them learn from your every action. You can't always change people's opinion about you by talking but you can make them believe in you by actions. Like they say, "action speaks louder than words."

4. Question yourself and be focus.
Experiences have affirmed to me that no matter how foolish a laugh is, there is a word behind it. When you get something negative from someone, it is very important to ask yourself the following questions:
*Why would a friend or someone else say a thing like this to me or about me?
*How those words really meant to qualify me?
*Am I really what they say I am?
*Is this comment said out of love or jealousy?
Evaluating things helps you draw lines. When you keep allowing people say negative things about you, it might get into you. If you are not mindful, it starts reflecting in your body language. So evaluating helps you know what to let stay with you and what to filter.

5. Separate from negative people.
We have different ways of handling situations in life. Life events can be very dramatic. However, not all events are dramatic onto itself. If you live a practical life and really know the principle of success, you would agree that certain people are not meant to be close companies.
If you are the type that really don't know how to accommodate and handle challenges, you should by all means avoid negative people without becoming an enemy. Avoiding negative people is not about not seeing them as friends or not talking to them. It is about keeping your valuables away from them. If he or she is someone you tell your secrets, stop it! Don't discuss your plans with them anymore and don't let them know how you intend getting things done. Negative people work against you when they feel jealous about your dreams and aspirations.

I have learned the best way to becoming the person God has designed you to be is to learn to keep secrets. No matter how close you think you are to a friend, don't  let out what you know or your plans rather let them see the things in actions. Tapping fully into your purpose, and protecting your positive dreams, you must work on yourself by journeying into the reality of life and becoming self-aware. You may even help negative people by fostering a sense of focus, determination, resilient and love within yourself that their negativity can't pierce.